Janmashtami 2021 Date

Janmashtami 2021, Janmashtami 2021 Date

Born in Mathura, Sri Krishna's birth signified the end of demons. Sri Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in a prison in the Kansa's captivity. Krishna's father Vasudev, handed over his child at the time of his birth to his brother Nand to save Krishna from the demon King Kansa. Krishna was born in Mathura but grew up in Gokul where later on he killed his uncle, King Kansa.

Krishna Janmashtami is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm in India and the whole world. Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Gokulashtami, Shrikrishna Jayanti or simply Janmashtami. It is celebrated on the Ashtami tithi of Krishna Paksh or the 8th day of the dark fortnight of Bhadrapad month. Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Satam Atham in Gujarat and Krishna Janmashtami is observed as Ashtami Rohini in South India mainly in Kerala.

Krishna is Devaki and Vasudeva's son and his birthday is celebrated by Hindus all over the world as Janmastami, the followers of ISCKON and Gaudiya Vaishnavism celebrate it with immense devotion and religious fervour.

Krishna was born at the time when evil was everywhere, and when he was to be killed by his uncle King Kansa. Krishna's father Vasudeva takes him across Yamuna immediately at the time he was born in Mathura, to foster parents in Gokul, named Nanda and Yashoda.

After Krishna is born at the exact midnight time, the statue of baby Krishna is washed and clothed, then placed in a cradle.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021 Date

Do you want to know about Janmashtami Date, here we have mentioned the Krishna Janmashtami Puja Muhurat and ISKCON Janmashtami Puja Muhurat:

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Muhurat
Shri Krishna Jayanti Yoga
5248th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna

Krishna Janmashtami 2021 Date - Monday, August 30, 2021
Nishita Puja Time - 11:59 PM to 12:44 AM, Aug 31
Duration - 00 Hours 45 Mins

Dahi Handi on Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Parana as per Dharma Shastra
Parana Time - after 09:44 AM, Aug 31
On Parana Day Rohini Nakshatra End Time - 09:44 AM
On Parana Day Ashtami got over before Sunrise
Alternate Parana as per Dharma Shastra
Parana Time - after 06:02 AM, Aug 31
Parana can be done on next day sunrise after Deva Puja, Visarjan etc.
Parana as per modern tradition in society
Parana Time - after 12:44 AM, Aug 31
at many places in India, Parana is done after Nishita i.e. Hindu midnight
Mid Night Moment - 12:22 AM, Aug 31
Chandrodaya Moment - 11:35 PM Krishna Dashami

Ashtami Tithi Begins - 11:25 PM on Aug 29, 2021
Ashtami Tithi Ends - 01:59 AM on Aug 31, 2021

Rohini Nakshatra Begins - 06:39 AM on Aug 30, 2021
Rohini Nakshatra Ends - 09:44 AM on Aug 31, 2021

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