Mahashivratri 2025 Date

Maha Shivaratri 2025 Date, Story, Importance

MahaShivaratri 2025 Date - 26th February 2025, Wednesday.

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Mahashivratri - Festival of God Shiva

Mahashivaratri festival is one of the major Hindu festivals dedicated to god  Shiva. Mahashivratri means the “big night of Shiva”, it is celebrated during Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi in the Hindu month of Phalgun or 13th or the 14th night of the new moon, corresponding to February-March in Gregorian calendar. The festival is celebrated on the night. Lord Brahma (Creator), Lord Vishnu (Preserver) and Lord Shiva (Destroyer) are the Hindu Trinity gods worshipped by Hindu people.

MahaShivratri Puja Time

Nishita Kaal Puja Time = 12:08 AM to 12:59 AM, Feb 27

On 27th Feb, Maha Shivaratri Parana Time = 06:52 AM to 08:54 AM
ShivRatri First Prahar Puja Time = 06:15 PM to 09:24 PM
ShivRatri Second Prahar Puja Time = 09:24 PM to 12:34 AM, Feb 27
ShivRatri Third Prahar Puja Time = 12:34 AM to 03:43 AM, Feb 27
ShivRatri Fourth Prahar Puja Time = 03:43 AM to 06:52 AM, Feb 27

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