Govatsa Dwadashi 2021 Date

Govatsa Dwadashi 2021 Date, Vagh Baras, Vasu Baras 2021

Dedicated to the worship of Cows and Calves, Govatsa Dwadashi falls on the 12th day of the Krishna Paksha of the Ashwin month as per Hindu calendar. Govatsa Dwadashi is celebrated one day before Dhanteras. People offer food to the cows on the day to seek their blessings and some even observe a day-long fast on the day. People who observe Govatsa Dwadashi do not eat any wheat and milk products on the day. Govatsa Dwadashi is also known as Nandini Vrat. Nandini is a divine cow in Hinduism.

Govatsa Dwadashi is known as Vasu Baras which is regarded as the first day of Deepavali in Maharashtra and it is celebrated as Vagh Baras in Gujarat. Govatsa Dwadashi is known as Vagh in some northern states, which means repaying one’s financial debts. On this day, businessmen clear their accounts books and do not make further transactions in their new ledgers.

Govatsa Dwadashi 2021 Puja Date and Time

Govatsa Dwadashi 2021 Date - Monday, November 1, 2021

Pradoshkala Govatsa Dwadashi Muhurat - 05:36 PM to 08:11 PM (New Delhi Time)
Duration - 02 Hours 36 Mins

Dwadashi Tithi Begins - 01:21 PM on Nov 01, 2021
Dwadashi Tithi Ends - 11:31 AM on Nov 02, 2021

Govatsa Dwadashi History

Govatsa Dwadashi was first observed with fasting, by King Uttānapāda (the son of Svayambhuva Manu) and his wife Suniti. The King and Queen were blessed with a son named Dhruva after their fast and prayers. 

Govatsa Dwadashi Rituals

Cows and calves are bathed, draped in clothes and made to wear flower garlands. Vermilion/ turmeric powder is applied on their foreheads. Wheat products, gram and mung bean sprouts are then given to the cows and calves. People pay their respect to the Holy Cow for their contribution to the sustenance and nourishment of human life. Aartis are also recited for cows. As bulls are used for agriculture, they are also worshipped for their contribution.

Govatsa Dwadashi 2021: Significance

The significance of Govatsa Dwadashi is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana. Govatsa Dwadashi is celebrated to pay tribute to 'Nandini', the divine cow (गौ माता ).  Since ages, Cows are considered holy and sacred animal in the Hindu culture and given the status of holy mother or Gau Mata. Women observe Nandini Vrat on this day for the happiness and long life of their children. It is also believed that any childless couple who worships, feeds a cow on this day and observes a fast is soon blessed with a child. Those who observe fast can consume fruits, sabudana, singhara atta etc. It is also believed that when people see the Dhruva star, their sins are decreased. If possible, people should eat only satvik food on this day. 

Cows represent Kamadhenu and calves symbolise Nandini and are worshipped by Hindu people with utmost devotion. We at wishes a Happy Govatsa Dwadashi 2021, Happy Vagh Baras and Happy Vasu Baras

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