Ganesh Jayanti 2024 Date

Ganesh Jayanti 2024 Date

Sri Ganesha is regarded as Pratham Pujya or the one who is worshipped first and foremost. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. Ganesha Jayanti is observed as the birthday of Sri Ganesha. Ganesh Jayanti is observed on Shukla Chaturthi during Magha month as per Hindu Calendar which is January and/or February months as per Gregorian calendar.

Ganesha Jayanti or the birthday of Sri Ganesha during Magha month is mainly observed in Maharashtra, some parts of Karnataka and Goa and coastal regions of Konkan whereas Ganesha Chaturthi observed during Bhadrapada month is known as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha in most parts of India. Madhyahna Vyapini Purvaviddha Chaturthi (मध्याह्न व्यापिनी पूर्वविद्धा चतुर्थी) is considered as Ganesha Jayanti similar to Ganesha Chaturthi.

Ganesha Jayanti 2024 Puja Date & Time

Ganesha Jayanti 2024 Date - Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Madhyahna Ganesha Puja Muhurat - 11:29 AM to 01:42 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 14 Mins
On previous day time to avoid Moon sighting - 05:44 PM to 08:58 PM, Feb 12
Duration - 03 Hours 14 Mins

Time to avoid Moon sighting - 09:18 AM to 10:04 PM
Duration - 12 Hours 46 Mins

Chaturthi Tithi Begins - 05:44 PM on Feb 12, 2024
Chaturthi Tithi Ends - 02:41 PM on Feb 13, 2024     

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