Kartik Month Story Chapter 1

Kartik Month Story Chapter 1, Kartik Month Story Chapter 1 in English

At Naimisharanya Tirtha or the holy sacred place, Shri Sutji said to eighty-eight thousand Sanakadi sages: Now I will tell you in detail the story of Kartik month, by listening to which all the sins of a person are destroyed and in the end one attains Vaikuntha Dham i.e . one goes to the place where Sri Vishnu resides.

Sutji said: After the departure of Devarshi Narad after taking permission from Shri Krishna.

Satyabhama became happy and said to Lord Krishna: Oh Lord! I am blessed, my birth was successful, blessed is the father of a worldly beauty like me, who became your most beloved wife among your sixteen thousand women. Along with you, I donated that Kalpavriksha Adipurush to Narad ji in a proper manner, but the same Kalpavriksha keeps waving in my house. This thing is not known to any woman in the mortal world.

Hey Trilokinath! I would like to ask you something. Please tell me the story of Kartik's greatness in detail, which will be beneficial for me after hearing it and by doing which you will not turn away from me even in the Kalpa.

Sutji further said: Hearing such words of Satyabhama, Shri Krishna laughingly held Satyabhama's hand and asking his servants to wait there, he took his wife under the Kalpavriksha in a luxurious manner and then laughingly said: Oh dear! Among the sixteen thousand queens, you are as dear to me as my life. For you I had protested against Indra and the gods. O thorn! Listen to what you asked me.

One day, to fulfill your (Satyabhama) wish, I (Shri Krishna) went to Indraloka riding on Garuda and asked for Kalpavriksha. When Indra refused, there was a fierce fight between Indra and Garuda and even in the cow world, Garuda ji fought with the cows.

Due to the blow of Garuda's beak, his ears and tail started falling off due to which three things were born. Tobacco was made from ears, cabbage was made from tail and henna was made from blood. The one who uses these three does not get salvation, then the cows also got angry and attacked Garuda due to which three of his wings broke and fell. From their first feather came the Neelkanth, from the second a peacock and from the third a chakwa-chakvi. Hey darling! Just seeing these three brings auspicious results.

Hearing this, Satyabhama said: Oh Lord! Please tell me about my previous births, what donations, fasts and chanting I have not done in my previous birth. What was my nature, who was my creator and why did I have to take birth in the mortal world. What virtuous deed did I do that made me your better half?

Shri Krishna said: Oh dear! Now I tell you in detail the virtuous deeds done by you in your previous birth, listen to it. In ancient times, at the end of Satyayuga, a Brahmin named Devsharma, an expert in Vedas and Vedanta, lived in Atri-Gotra in Mayapuri. He used to serve guests, perform havan and worship the Sun God every day. He was as bright as the sun. In his old age he was blessed with a daughter named Gunavati. That sonless Brahmin married his daughter to his own disciple named Chandra. He considered Chandra like his son and Chandra also respected him like his father.

One day both of them went to the forest to collect Kush and Samidha. While he was traveling in the foothills of the Himalayas, he saw a demon coming. Seeing that demon, their limbs became weak due to fear and they became unable to run away from there, then the same demon as that time killed both of them. Since he was a religious person, my councilor brought him to me in my Vaikuntha Dham. I was very happy with both of them as they worshiped the Sun God throughout their life.

A person who worships Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Sun and Goddess, attains heaven. Though I am one, I am of five types depending on time and actions. For example, one is called by names like Devdutt, father, brother, etc. When both of them came to my house mounted on a plane, as bright and beautiful as the sun, wearing garlands of sandalwood, they started enjoying divine pleasures.

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