Kartik Month Story Chapter 35

Kartik Month Story Chapter 35, Kartik Month Story Chapter 35 in English

After hearing such a story, all the sages said to Sutji – Hey Sutji! Now tell us the method of Tulsi marriage. Sutji said- Dwapar era started on Kartik Shukla Navami. Therefore, if this date is Purvahanvyapini and Parahnavyapini respectively during charity and fasting then it is acceptable. On this date, from Navami to Ekadashi, if a person celebrates the marriage of Tulsi according to the scriptures, then he gets the result of Kanyadaan. In ancient times, Kanak's daughter Kishori performed the marriage ceremony of Tulsi in the evening on Ekadashi date. With this, the teenage girl became free from the sin of widowhood.

Now I will tell you the method - get a beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu made of one tola gold or according to your capacity get the idol made of half or quarter tola, then consecrate the idol of Tulsi and Lord Vishnu and worship it with Shodshopachara. . First worship Ganesha by remembering the time and place, then perform Nandi Shraddha after chanting the sacred thread. After that, bring the idol of Lord Vishnu near Tulsi ji along with the recitation of Veda-mantras and the sound of musical instruments etc. The idol should be covered with clothes. Invoke God at that time:-

Lord Keshav! Come, Dev! I will worship you. I will dedicate Tulsi to your service. You fulfill all my wishes.

In this way, after the invocation, by reciting Ardhya, Padya and Vishtar three times each, dedicate them to God one by one, then by reciting Achamaniya Pada thrice, make God Achaman. After this, put curd, ghee and honey in a bronze vessel and cover it with the bronze vessel itself and while offering it to God, say - Vasudev! Greetings to you, take this Madhupark (the mixture of curd, ghee and honey is called Madhupark).

After that, after completing the Haridraal and Abhyang rituals, Tulsi and Vishnu should be worshiped separately during the twilight hours. Keep both of them facing each other and recite Mangal. When Lord Surya is partially visible then take a resolution for Kanyadaan. By pronouncing your Gotra and Pravara, also go through the initial three generations. After that say to God like this:-

“The Tribhuvan-protector God without beginning, middle and end! You should accept this Tulsi Dal as part of your marriage ceremony. It has appeared from the seed of Parvati, resides in the ashes of Vrinda and is void of beginning, middle and end, Tulsi is very dear to you, hence I offer it to you. I have brought her up, nurtured and raised her like my daughter by watering her with water pitchers and doing other types of services, I am giving her to you, your beloved Tulsi. Lord! You accept it.”

In this way, after donating Tulsi, worship both of them i.e. Tulsi and Lord Vishnu and celebrate the marriage. In the morning, worship Tulsi and Lord Vishnu again. After setting up the fire, offer one hundred and eight oblations of kheer, ghee, honey and sesame mixed with the Dwadsakshar mantra and then perform 'Svishtkrit' homak and offer the full offering. Complete the remaining rituals of Homa by worshiping the Acharya. After that pray to God like this – Oh Lord! I have observed this fast for your happiness. Janardan, whatever is lacking in it, may it be fulfilled by your Prasad.

If the fourth phase of Revati is passing in Dwadashi, then do not do Parana at that time. One who observes Parana even at that time renders his fast ineffective. By eating the self-melting and fallen leaves of Tulsi after meals, a person becomes free from all sins. Eating sugarcane, gooseberry and plum fruits at the end of the meal removes Uchchhishta Dosha.

Thereafter, while immersing the Lord, he said – 'Lord! You reach Vaikunthdham with Tulsi. Lord! You should always be satisfied by accepting the worship done by me.' In this way, after immersing Deveshwar Vishnu, offer all the material like idol etc. to Acharya. Due to this man becomes grateful.

After narrating this method, Sutji said to the sages – O sages! In this way, the person who devoutly embraces truth, peace and contentment and dedicates a Tulsi plant to Lord Vishnu, all his sins are destroyed and after enjoying the pleasures of the world, he finally attains Vishnuloka.

O sages! This Kartik greatness is the destroyer of all diseases and all sins. The person who reads this greatness with devotion and who adopts it after listening, becomes free from all sins and goes to the world of Lord Vishnu. This greatness should not be narrated to any person whose intellect is flawed and who is devoid of faith.

Iti Shri Kartik month Mahatmya (Kshemankari) thirty-fifth chapter ends

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