Kartik Month Story Chapter 4

Kartik Month Story Chapter 4, Kartik Month Story Chapter 4 in English

Naradji said: Saying this, Lord Vishnu took the form of a fish and fell from the sky into the water. At that time, Maharishi Kashyap, who was meditating on Vindhyachal mountain, was standing with water in his hands. Sri Vishnu in the form of fish fell in his Anjali. Maharishi Kashyap took pity and kept it in his Kamandal. When the fish grew a little, Maharishi Kashyap put it in the well. When the fish could not fit into the well, he released it into the pond; when it could not fit into the pond, then it was released into the sea.

That fish started growing there also, then Lord Vishnu in the form of a fish killed Shankhasura and came to Badrivan with Shankhasura in his hand.

..There he called all the sages and ordered thus: Munishwars! You search for the Veda mantras scattered inside the water and bring them out of the ocean water as soon as possible, till then I stay in Prayag with the gods. Then those Sages endowed with the power of penance delivered the entire Veda mantras along with the Yagya and the seeds. The Rishi who provided all the mantras among them started being considered as a Rishi for that particular mantra from that day onwards. Thereafter, all the sages gathered together and went to Prayag, there they dedicated all the Veda mantras available to Lord Vishnu along with Brahmaji.

Brahmaji was very happy after receiving all the Vedas. He performed Ashwamedha Yagya in Prayag along with the gods and sages. After the completion of the yagya, all the gods requested God: Devadhidev Jagannath! At this place, Lord Brahma has recovered the lost Vedas and we have also received Yagya Bhaga from your Prasad here. Therefore, this place should be the best on earth, one that increases virtue and provides enjoyment and salvation. At the same time, grant a boon that this time should also purify the great sinners like Brahmaghati etc. and also make the donation given here inexhaustible.

Lord Vishnu said: Gods! I accept whatever you have said, may your wish be fulfilled. From today this place will be famous by the name of Brahmakshetra, King Bhagiratha born in Suryavansh will bring Ganga here and she will meet Sun daughter Yamuna here. Brahmaji and all you gods reside here with me.

From today onwards this pilgrimage will be known as Tirtharaj. All sins will be instantly destroyed by the darshan of Tirtharaj. This pilgrimage will destroy all the sins of the people who take bath here when the Sun is situated in Capricorn. This period will also always give great virtuous results to humans.

In Magh, when Sun is situated in Capricorn, taking bath here will yield results like Salokya etc. Devadhidev Lord Vishnu, saying this to the gods, disappeared there along with Brahmaji. After that, Lord Indradi also disappeared from there while staying in Prayag.

The person who worships Shri Hari near the root of Tulsi plant in Kartik month, after enjoying all the pleasures in this world, finally goes to Vaikuntha Dham.

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