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मां दुर्गा के 108 नाम, Durga 108 Names in Hindi English

दुर्गा माता के 108 नाम, Durga 108 Names in Hindi English

हिंदीEnglishMeaning in English
सतिSatiOne who got burned alive
साध्वीSaadhviThe Sanguine
भवप्रीताBhavapritaOne who is loved by the universe
भवानीBhavaaniThe abode of the universe
भवमोचिनीBhavamochaniThe absolver of the universe
दुर्गाDurgaThe Invincible
जयाJayaThe Victorious
अद्याAadyaThe Initial reality
त्रिनेत्राTrinetraOne who has three-eyes
शूलधारिणीShooldhariniOne who holds a monodent
पिनाकधारिणीPinaakadhariniOne who holds the trident of Shiva
चित्राChitraThe Picturesque
चंद्रघंटाChandraghantaOne who has mighty bells
महातपाMahatapaWith severe penance
अहंकाराAhankaaraOne with Pride
चित्तरूपाChittarupaOne who is in thought-state
चितिChitiThe thinking mind
सर्वमन्त्रमयीSarvamantramayiOne who possess all the instruments of thought
सत्ताSattaOne who is above all
स्त्यानन्दस्वरूपिनीSatyanandasvarupiniForm of Eternal bliss
अनंताAnantaOne who is Infinite or beyond measure
भवानीBhaaviniThe Beautiful Woman
भाव्याBhaavyaRepresents Future
भव्याBhavyaWith Magnificence
अभव्याAbhavyaImproper or fear-causing
सद्गतिSadagatiAlways in motion, bestowing Moksha (salvation)
शाम्भवीShaambhaviConsort of Shambhu
देवमाताDevamataMother Goddess
रत्नप्रियाRatnapriyaAdorned or loved by jewels
दक्षकन्याDakshakanyaDaughter of Daksha
दक्षयज्ञविनाशिनीDakshayajñavinaashiniInterrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha
अपर्णाAparnaOne who doesnt eat even leaves while fasting
अनेकवर्णाAnekavarnaOne who has many complexions
पाटलाPaatalaRed in color
पाटलवतीPaatalavatiWearing red-color attire
पट्टाम्बरापरिधानाPattaambaraparidhaanaWearing a dress made of leather
कलामंजीरारंजिनीKalamanjiiraranjiniWearing a musical anklet
अमेयाAmeyaaOne who is beyond measure
क्रूराKrrooraaBrutal (on demons)
सुंदरीSundariThe Gorgeous
सुरसुन्दरीSursundariExtremely Beautiful
वनदुर्गाVandurgaGoddess of forests
मातंगीMaatangiGoddess of Matanga
मातंगमुनिपूजिताMatangamunipujitaWorshipped by Sage Matanga
ब्राह्मीBraahmiPower of God Brahma
महेश्वरीMaaheshvariPower of Lord Mahesha (Shiva)
ऐन्द्रीAeindriPower of God Indra
कौमारीKaumaariThe adolescent
वैष्णवीVaishnaviThe invincible
चामुंडाChaamundaSlayer of Chanda and Munda(demons)
वाराहीVaarahiOne who rides on Varaah
लक्ष्मीLakshmiGoddess of Wealth
परुषाकृतिPurushaakritiOne who takes the form of a man
विमिलौत्त्कार्शिनीVimalauttkarshiniOne who provides joy
ज्ञानाGyaanaFull of Knowledge
क्रियाKriyaOne who is in action
नित्याNityaThe eternal one
बुद्धिदाBuddhidaThe bestower of wisdom
बहुलाBahulaOne who is in various forms
बहुलप्रेमाBahulapremaOne who is loved by all
सर्ववाहनवाहनाSarvavahanavahanaOne who rides all vehicles
निशुम्भशुम्भहननीNishumbhaShumbhaHananiSlayer of the demon-brothers Shumbha Nishumbha
महिषासुरमर्दिनीMahishasuraMardiniSlayer of the bull-demon Mahishaasura
मधुकैटभहन्त्रीMadhuKaitabhaHantriSlayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha
चंडमुंडविनाशिनीChandaMundaVinashiniDestroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and Munda
सर्वासुरविनाशाSarvasuravinashaDestroyer of all demons
सर्वादानवघातिनीSarvadaanavaghaatiniPossessing the power to kill all the demons
सर्वाशास्त्रमयीSarvashaastramayiOne who is deft in all theories
सत्याSatyaThe truth
सर्वास्त्रधारिणीSarvaastradhaariniPossessor of all the missile weapons
अनेकशस्त्रहस्ताAnekashastrahastaPossessor of many hand weapons
अनेकास्त्रधारनीAnekastraDhaariniPossessor of many missile weapons
कुमारीKomaariThe beautiful adolescent
एककन्याEkakanyaThe girl child
किशोरीKaishoriThe adolescent
युवतीYuvatiThe Woman
यतिYatiAscetic, one who renounces the world
अप्रौढाApraudhaOne who never gets old
प्रौढाPraudhaOne who is old
वृद्धमाताVriddhamaataThe old mother (loosely)
बलप्रदाBalapradaThe bestower of strength
महोदरीMahodariOne who has huge belly which stores the universe
मुक्तकेशीMuktakeshaOne who has open tresses
घोररूपाGhorarupaHaving a fierce outlook
महाबलाMahaabalaHaving immense strength
अग्निज्वालाAgnijwaalaOne who is poignant like fire
रौद्रमुखीRaudramukhiOne who has a fierce face like destroyer Rudra
कालरात्रिKaalaratriGoddess who is black like night
तपस्विनीTapasvinione who is engaged in penance
नारायणीNarayaniThe destructive aspect of Lord Narayana (Brahma)
भद्रकालीBhadrakaaliFierce form of Kali
विष्णुमायाVishnumayaSpell of Lord Vishnu
जलोदरीJalodariAbode of the ethereal universe
शिवदूतीShivadootiAmbassador of Lord Shiva
करालीKaraaliThe Violent
अनंताAnantaThe Infinite
परमेश्वरीParameshvariThe Ultimate Goddess
कात्यानीKatyayaniOne who is worshipped by sage Katyanan
सावित्रीSavitriDaughter of the Sun God Savitr
प्रत्यक्षाPratyakshaOne who is real
ब्रह्मवादिनीBrahmavaadiniOne who is present everywhere
Sanskrit Translation and Shatanamavali Mantras of this is available here:
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