Dhanteras 2019 Things to do

When is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras Date - 25th October 2019 (Friday)

Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations in North India. It is observed two days before Diwali and is also observed as Dhanvantari Puja or Dhantrayodashi. Yamadeepdan is also observed in many regions today. Some communities perform Lakshmi Puja on the day. A new utensil or gold or silver is bought for the house on the Dhanteras day. Some people make an investment on the day

The day is of great importance to business community and homes. Houses are decorated and special rangolis are drawn on the floor. Small foot prints, symbolizing Goddess Lakshmi, are made on the floor of homes. The day is also dedicated to Dhanavantri God, the divine physician, and therefore special Dhanvantari Puja is held on the day. People also worship Kuber God.

Yamadeepdan is also observed on the day. Diyas (lamps) are lit all night and these lamps are dedicated to Yam or Yamraj, the god of death. In some regions, lamps are lit for the ancestors and floated down a river or pond on the day.

Things you must do on Dhanteras:

1. You must donate (daan) to the needy.
2. You must buy anything silver, a silver coin etc.
3. You must buy a steel glass in which water can be dranked.
4. For good growth in Business, buy a metal diya.
5. For security of your health and life - buy a metal small bell.
6. For happiness and peace in family - buy a steel bartan for in which food can be made like a cooker or fry pan etc.
7. If you are facing problems in having kids or for any children related problems - buy a steel plate and a katori on this day of dhanteras. Prepare kheer on the day of Diwali and offer to Goddess Lakshmi in this Katori and plate.

Best time for worshipping Lord Dhanvantari and Lord Kuber today on Dhanteras is from 7:08 PM to 8:22 PM. This is also the same time for Shopping on Dhanteras as well.

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