Gupt Navratri 2018, Gupt Navratri Dates

Magha Gupt Navratri Dates - 18th January to 26th January 2018

Ashadha Gupta Navratri Dates - 13th July to 21st July 2018

Magh Navratri, also known as Gupt Navaratri (गुप्त नवरात्रि), comes in the Shukla Paksha of Magha month i.e January – February. Magh Navratri starts on January 18 and ends on January 26 in the year 2018. Magh Navratri is dedicated to the nine forms of Shakti Goddess. Many people observe fast on the days of Magh Navratri and only vegetarian food is eaten during this period.

Gupt Navratri is also observed during the month of Ashada (June – July). The most popular Navratri comes twice a year - Chaitra Navratri (March-April) and Sharad Navratri (September – October). Check Dates of Navratri and Navratri Calendar 2018 along with Navratri 2018 Colours.

Navratri festival is considered as the best time to worship mother Goddess Durga. During Navratri, the "sadhak" or the worshipper performs special worship of the mother goddess to attain powers or learn tantra saadhana . Nine days of Navratri falling in the months of Ashadh and Maagh shukla paksh or the bright fortnight are called the Gupt Navratri. The observance of Gupt Navratri is not known to everybody.

Persons who worship Durga reads and listens to Durga Chalisa,  Shri Durgasaptshati paath, Shriamd-devi Bhawad, Devi Mahaatmaya to get the blessings of Maa Durga. The Navaran Mantra which is regarded as very powerful is recited in front of Goddess Durga idol or picture. This is the Navaran Mantra - “Om Aim Hreem kleem chaamundaayai vichche”

As per Devi Bhagwat, as Navratri comes 4 times a year and like the way nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped in the Navratri, likewise in the Gupt Navratri, "dus mahavidya" or the 10 Mahavidya Devis are worshipped. Gupt Navratri are special to persons who perform tantra rituals, those associated with Mahakala and for those who wish to attain spiritual strength. The Goddess Bhagwati seeker fast and worship Devi Maa with very strict rules. People try to achieve rare spiritual powers after a long period of meditation.

In the Durga Saptashati, Goddess Durga herself tells us that one who does worship her with utter trust, faith and devotion in the nine days of Navratri, he or she gets free from all difficulties and gets health, wealth, prosperity and children.

As per Ramayana, in this Magh month's nine days of Gupt Navratri, Sri Ram along with Goddess Sita sat and performed "Shakti puja" or "Goddess worship" near the banks of river "Saryu" in Ayodhya

Also, Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata performed the "Shakti puja" or "Goddess worship" in these nine days of Magh month Gupt Navratri as told by Sri Krishna to get victory in the battle against the Kauravas.

Names of Gupt Navratri Goddesses

Persons who perform tantra rituals during Gupt Navratri worship 10 Mahavidya Devi's namely Maa Kali, Maa Tara Devi, Maa Tripur Sundari, Maa Bhuvaneshwari, Maa chhinnamasta, Maa Tripur Bhairavi, Maa Dhrumawati, Maa Bagalamukhi, Maa Matangi and Maa Kamla Devi.If you are willing to worship dus mahavidya, you must not waste this precious time of Gupt Navratri as these days can really change your life.

Amavasya 2018 Dates

Amavasya 2018 Dates

In Hindu calendar, Amavasya is when there is no moon visible in the sky, also known as the darkest day of the month. Every month has a specific date according to Hindu lunar month when Amavasya falls. So, there are 12 amavasyas in a year. Amavasya Tithi has a lot of importance as many rituals including the donation to temple and poor is performed, the amavasya day is for the ancestors or the "pitr".  When Amavasya falls on any Monday, it is known as Somvati Amavasya and if it falls on any Saturday, it is known as Shani Amavasya.

Some people fast for the whole day, some take a single meal and some who do not perform are advised to stay away from non-veg, alcohol and even onion and garlic. Shraddha rituals for getting the blessings of ancestors or dead parents and family members and Kalasarpa Dosha puja can be performed on any Aamavasya.

The following are the 2018 Amavasya Daysthe dates for Amavasya Calendar or the New Moon Days.

16 - January - 2018TuesdayMagha Amavasya
15 - February - 2018ThursdayPhalguna Amavasya
17 - March - 2018SaturdayChaitra Amavasya
16 - April - 2018MondayVaishakha Amavasya
15 - May - 2018TuesdayJyeshtha Amavasya
13 - June - 2018WednesdayJyeshtha Amavasya
13 - July - 2018FridayAshadha Amavasya
11 - August - 2018SaturdayShravana Amavasya
09 - September - 2018SundayBhadrapada Amavasya
9 - October - 2018TuesdayAshwin Amavasya
7 - November - 2018WednesdayKartik Amavasya
7 - December - 2018FridayMargashirsha Amavasya

Purnima 2017 Dates

Purnima 2017 Dates, When is Pooranmashi in 2017

Puranmashi or Purnima is the full moon day of the month. The day of Pooranmashi holds a great deal of importance in Hinduism as well as Sikhism. Fasting on the poornima day or taking bath in a holy river like Ganga, Yamuna etc. are considered auspicious. Many people also hold a Satyanarayan vrat or simply recite the Satyanarayan vrat katha on the day of puranmashi. Below you can find the Purnima 2017 dates.

Pooranmashi Dates in 2017/Full Moon Dates in 2017 with Timings

Following are the Puranmashi dates in 2017 and Puranmashi time in 2017 but could vary by a day depending upon the locations:

When is Pooranmashi in January 2017?
Paush Purnima - January 12, 2017, Thursday
Time - 7:23 PM on January 11 to 5:30 PM on January 12.
Paush Purnima Vrat - January 11.

When is Purnima in Feburary 2017?
Magha Purnima - February 10, 2017, Friday
Time - 07:08 AM on Feb 10 to 06:00 AM on Feb 11
Magha Purnima Vrat  - February 10.

When is Purnima in March 2017?
Phalguna Purnima - March 12, 2017, Sunday
Time  - 7:39 PM on March 11 to 7:25 PM on March 12
Phalguna Purnima Vrat - March 12.

When is Purnima in April 2017?
Chaitra Purnima - April 11, 2017, Tuesday
Time - 9:25 AM on April 10 to 10:15 AM on April 11
Chaitra Purnima Vrat - April 10

When is Purnima in May 2017?
Vaishakha Purnima or Buddha Purnima - May 10, 2017, Wednesday
Time - 12:13 AM on May 10 to 1:52 AM on May 11
Vaishakha Purnima Fasting or Buddha Purnima Vrat - May 10

When is Purnima in June 2017?
Jyeshtha Purnima - June 09, 2017, Friday
Time - 3:36 PM on June 08 to 5:38 PM on June 09
Jyeshtha Purnima Vrat - June 08

When is Purnima in July 2017?
Ashadha Purnima or Guru Purnima - July 09, 2017, Sunday
Time - 7:02 AM on July 08 to 8:51 AM on July 09
Ashadha/Guru Purnima Vrat - July 08

When is Purnima in August 2017?
Shravan Purnima August 07, 2017, Monday
Time - 9:56 PM on August 06 to 11:02 PM on August 08
Shravan Purnima Vrat - August 07

When is Pooranmashi in September 2017?
Bhadrapada Purnima - September 06, 2017, Wednesday
Time - 11:57 AM on September 05 to 12:06 PM on September 06
Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat - September 05

When is Pooranmashi in October 2017?
Ashwin Purnima - October 05, 2017, Thursday
Time - 12:55 AM on October 05 to 12:08 AM on October 06
Ashwin Purnima Vrat - October 05.

When is Pooranmashi in November 2017?
Kartik Purnima or Guru Nanak Jayanti - November 04, 2017, Saturday
Time - 12:58 PM on November 03 to 11:14 AM on November 04
Kartik Purnima Vrat - November 03.

When is Pooranmashi in December 2017?
Margashirsha Purnima - December 03, 2017, Sunday
Time - 12:17 AM on December 03 to 10:09 PM on December 03
Margashirsha Purnima Vrat - December 03

We would update here for the Puranmashi Dates in 2018

Note: Fasting days on Purnima or Pournami could be different for locations to locations. One should make sure that the day he/she is fasting must be the Purnima day only. Poornima is called by the name of Pournami or Pournima in South India and fasting is called as Pournami Vratam.

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