Ganga Saptami 2020, Ganga Jayanti 2020

Ganga Saptami 2020, Ganga Jayanti 2020

Ganga is the holiest river worshipped as a Goddess in Hinduism. The river we all love is referred as Ganga Maiya or Mother/ Goddess Ganga by millions of people. Ganga Saptami, also called by the names of Ganga Jayanti or Ganga Pujan, is an auspicious day which celebrates the rebirth of Goddess Ganga on Earth. Ganga Saptami is observed on the Saptami (7th day) of the Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of moon) during the month of ‘Vaishakha’ or Baisakh.

People wake up before sunrise and take a dip in Ganga river on the day of Ganga Saptami. ‘Ganga Aarti’ is performed by the priests along the ‘ghats’ of Ganga and thousands of people gather to witness this majestic devotional ritual. When Maa Ganga's Aarti is over, people hover their hands over the flame to seek purification and blessing. The aarti thali has small diyas and flowers which are later floated down the river. People also do deepdan on Ganga Saptami day. A Ganga devotee must hear or recite Ganga Sahasranam Strotram and ‘Gayatri Mantra’ to seek Maa Ganga's blessings. Devotees offer special prayers at sacred pilgrimage places like "Har ki Paudi" in Haridwar, Triveni Sangam in Prayagraj and Rishikesh in Uttrakhand. Goddess Ganga must be worshipped on Ganga Saptami day by people who are under the influence of ‘Mangal’.

Ganga Saptami 2020 Date Details

Ganga Saptami 2020 Date - Thursday, April 30, 2020
Ganga Saptami Madhyahna Muhurat - 11:00 AM to 01:37 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 37 Mins
Saptami Tithi Begins - 03:12 PM on Apr 29, 2020
Saptami Tithi Ends - 02:39 PM on Apr 30, 2020
Ganga Dussehra 2020 Date - Monday, June 1, 2020


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