Pongal Date 2025

Pongal Date 2025, Thai Pongal 2025

Pongal is a Hindu festival celebrated prominently in the Southern states of India especially by the people of Tamil Nadu. Pongal is a four days festival and Thai Pongal is regarded as the most important day of Pongal. Thai Pongal which is the second day of the four days Pongal festival is also celebrated as Sankranti. Sankranti is celebrated in the whole of India with different names. It is the same day as Makar Sankranti which is celebrated prominently in North Indian states when people take holy dip in river Ganges. Pongal is like thanksgiving to the Sun God for harvest and appreciating and showing gratitude to nature.

The day before Thai Pongal is known as Bogi Pandigai. People clean and decorate their homes and light bonfire to ward of unused wooden items. The same day is celebrated as Lohri by Sikh and Punjabi community in Punjab and Northern States of India.

Thai Pongal 2025 Muhurat

Thai Pongal 2025 Date - Tuesday, January 14, 2025

Thai Pongal Sankranti Moment - 09:03 AM

Makar Sankranti 2025 Date - Tuesday, January 14, 2025

Name of the festival



Bhogi Festival

13 January 2025


Surya Pongal/Thai Pongal

14 January 2025


Mattu Pongal

15 January 2025


Kaanum Pongal

16 January 2025


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