Karadaiyan Nombu 2022 Date

Karadaiyan Nombu 2022 Date

Karadaiyan Nombu or Karadayan Nonbu is a major Tamil festival celebrated at the time on Meena Sankranti or Sankramana when Tamil month Maasi ends and month Panguni starts. Karadai is the name of a unique Nivedyam prepared on this day and Nombu means Vratham or Upavasam.

It is believed that Savitri got her husband Satyavan back from Yama, the Lord of Death on this day only. Because of this reason, Karadaiyan Nombu is also known as Savithri Vratam. Karadaiyan Nombu in South Indian States is like Vat Savitri Vrat popular in North India. Women worship Goddess Gowri or Mata Parvati, chant mantras while offering her Karadiyan Nombu Nivedyam or Karadai On Karadayan Nonbu day. Women tie the sacred yellow cotton thread known as Manjal Saradu or Nonbu Charadu for well-being of their husband after doing Puja. Special naivedya is prepared known as ‘Karadai Nombu Adai’ on Karadaiyan Nombu day. It is believed that Savitri prepared this special dish and offered it with unmelted butter to Lord Yama, the Hindu God of Death, as a thanksgiving gesture for returning the life of her husband, Satyavan. 

Married women fast on the day for long life of their husband and unmarried girls fast to get good husband. Married women and young girls wear yellow robes with a small flower tied to it on the day around their neck referred as 'Karadai Nombu Saradu' and pray to Hindu Goddesses for long life for their husband or to get good husband in the future. Women also decorate their houses with Kolam on the day. 

The Karadayan Vratham fast is observed from sunrise on the day when Sun God moves from Kumbha Rashi to Meena Rashi. Fast breaking time for Savitri Nombu might fall any time between current day Sunrise to next day Sunrise depending on time of Meena Sankramana. Duration of fast and fast breaking time is based on local Sunrise and Sankramana moment and is different for all Cities. Karadaiyan Nombu is observed with full enthusiasm in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka and also in countries like USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.

Manjal Saradu is tied at the moment when Masi Masam ends and Panguni Masam starts. Puja for Karadi Nombu and other rituals are to be done at the exact time when Meena Sankramana occurs. Women who are not able to perform this pooja on Nombu day can do this pooja on the following Tuesday or Friday in Panguni month in auspicious time of the day.

Karadaiyan Nombu 2022 Shubh Muhurtham

Karadaiyan Nombu 2022 Date - Monday, March 14, 2022

Karadaiyan Nombu Vratham - 06:17 AM to 12:30 AM, Mar 15
Duration - 18 Hours 13 Mins

Manjal Saradu Muhurtham - 12:30 AM, Mar 15

Karadaiyan Nombu Slokam 2022

The following is the Tamil chant while doing neivedyam.

Urukaadha Venneyum oradaiyam naan nootren
Orukkalum en kanavar ennai vittu pririyadhirukka vendum

"உருகாத வெண்ணெயும் ,ஓர் அடையும் நோற்று உனக்கு நான் வைத்தேன் , எந்நாளும் என் கணவர் எனை விட்டு பிரியாதிருக்க வேண்டும் " என்று அம்மனை நோக்கி வேண்டி நமஸ்கரிக்கவும்.

which means I offer butter and the rice made out of kaar arisi. Bless me that I live happily with my husband for long.

While tying the rope, recite the following slokha :

दोरं गृह्णामि सुभगे सहारिद्रम् धराम्यहम् |
भर्थु: आयुश् सिद्ध्यर्थं सुप्रीता भव सर्वदा ||

doraṁ gṛhṇāmi subhage sahāridram dharāmyaham |
bharthu: āyuś siddhyarthaṁ suprītā bhava sarvadā ||


தோ³ரம்ʼ க்³ருʼஹ்ணாமி ஸுப⁴கே³ ஸஹாரித்³ரம் த⁴ராம்யஹம் |
ப⁴ர்து²: ஆயுஸ்² ஸித்³த்⁴யர்த²ம்ʼ ஸுப்ரீதா ப⁴வ ஸர்வதா³ ||

Meaning : Devi, I am tying this nombu saradu around my neck for the longevity of my husband (Father for unmarried girls). Please bless me.

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