Vasanta Purnima 2023 Date

Vasanta Purnima 2023 Date, Holi Purnima 2023

Vasanta Purnima is the full moon day which falls in the middle of spring season or Vasant (Basant) in India. Vasanta Purnima is very important day as it coincides with the festival of colors i.e. Holi. As nature displays various colors in the spring season, Holi which is the festival of colors harmonise with nature at the same time. Vasant Purnima usually falls in the month of February-March and as per Hindu calendar, the day falls in the month of Phalguna.

The Holi festival is celebrated over a period of two days. The day one of the Holi festival falls on Purnima. On this day, a sacred fire is lit and the Holika Dahan ritual is performed. The next day is called Dhulendi or normally call it Holi is more of a fun and celebration event. People put Gulaal on each other and extend wishes for the day. 

It is well known that ritual of playing Holi with colors began in the era of Sri Radha Krishna. Sri Krishna started playing Holi with Radha Rani and other Gopis. The six seasons or Ritu in a year are as follows:
  • Vasanta - spring
  • Grishma - summer
  • Varsha - monsoon
  • Sharad - autumn
  • Hemant - prewinter
  • Shishir - winter
Vasanta Ritu time in India usually starts on February 19 and ends on April 19. Thus all Hindu festivals coming during this period are linked to Vasanta Ritu.

As Phalguna Purnima falls in the middle of Vasanta Ritu, it is known as Vasanta Purnima. 

It is important to note here that Hindu festivals are not linked to seasons. Vasanta Panchami is good example to understand that Hindu festivals are not linked with seasons. Most of the time Vasanta Panchami falls before February 19 i.e. much before Vasanta Ritu starts. Thus Shri Panchami, which is another name of Vasanta Panchami, is better way to name the festival. However Vasanta Panchami signifies the arrival of Vasanta Ritu as well as Vasanta Purnima.

Significance of Holi Purnima/Vasant Purnima

Holi, observed during Phalguna Purnima, falls in middle of Vasanta Ritu. Holi is Vasanta festival and it would keep coinciding with Vasanta Ritu for thousands of years as drifting of festivals from seasons take thousands of years to make any big difference.

Holi Purnima, Phalguna Purnima and Vasanta Purnima all falls on the same day in Hindu calendar. Vasanta Purnima day also marks the birth anniversary of Goddess Lakshmi and Saint Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Many people observe Vasant purnima fast and perform puja of Lord Vishnu. Devotees of Sri Vishnu observing the Vasanta Purnima Vrat, wake up early in the morning and take bath before sunrise. Then they clean temples and adorn Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi with new clothes. Then fruits, flowers, home made sweets are offered. On this day of Basant Purnima, people also organise Satyanarayana Puja and Satyanarayana Katha to seek the blessing of the Sri Hari Vishnu. People pray for their and their's family well being. The traditional puja samagri of Vasanta Purnima Vrat includes fruits, sweets, milk, water, nuts, flowers, vermillion, sandalwood paste, turmeric powder, betel leaves and coins.

Those observing the Vasant Purnima vrat must read or listen to the Vasant Purnima Katha. Vasant Purnima is believed to be the auspicious time when Goddess Lakshmi was incarnated. There were a number of things which came out in the process of the churning of the ocean which was distributed equally among the demons and the gods during the Samudra Manthan. Goddess Lakshmi came out from the ocean on the day of Vasant Purnima and chose Lord Vishnu as her companion. Thus it is advised that if you are keeping the Vasant Purnima fast and reading or listening to Satyanarayan Katha, do also read or listen to Lakshmi Puja Katha (Vasant Purnima Katha) on this auspicious day to get divine blessings of the deities.

Vasanta Purnima 2023 Date & Timings

Vasanta Purnima 2023 Date - Tuesday, March 07, 2023
Purnima Tithi Begins - 04:17 PM on Mar 06, 2023
Purnima Tithi Ends - 06:09 PM on Mar 07, 2023

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