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Papmochani Ekadashi Vrat Katha in English

Papmochani Ekadashi Vrat Katha in English

Arjuna said- "O Kamalnayan! As I am hearing the stories of the fasts of Ekadashis, my curiosity to hear the stories of the fasts of other Ekadashis is increasing. O Madhusudan! Now please you for the month of Chaitra . Tell me about the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha. What is the name of this Ekadashi?

Lord Shri Krishna said - "O Arjuna! Once this question was asked by Prithvipati Mandhata to Lomash Rishi , whatever Lomash Rishi had told to King Mandhata, that is what I am telling you. Asked Lomasha- 'O sage, how is it possible to get rid of the sins of a human being? Please suggest such a simple remedy, by which one can easily get rid of sins.'

Maharishi Lomash said- 'O Nripati! The name of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month is Papmochini Ekadashi . Many sins of human beings are destroyed by the effect of his fast. Let me tell you the story of this fast, listen carefully - in ancient times there was a forest called Chaitraratha . Apsaras used to live there with eunuchs. There was always the season of spring, that is, various types of flowers were always in bloom at that place. Sometimes Gandharva girls used to live in Vihara, sometimes Devendra used to play with other gods.

In the same forest a sage also used to be absorbed in penance. He was a devotee of Shiva. One day an Apsara named Manjughosha tried to take advantage of their proximity by fascinated him, so she started singing in a melodious voice by playing the veena at a distance. At the same time, Shiva devotee Maharishi Medhavi also tried to win Kamdev. Cupid made the bow of that beautiful Apsara's eyebrow. He made sarcasm as his head and made his eyes the commander of Manjughosha Apsara. In this way Kamadeva agreed to conquer his enemy devotee. At that time Maharishi Medhavi was also in his youth and was very strong. He was wearing Yagyopaveet and punishment. He looked like another cupid. Seeing that sage, Manjughosha, who was under the control of Kamadeva, slowly started singing on the veena with melodious voice, then Maharishi Medhavi was also fascinated by Manjughosha's melodious song and its beauty. Knowing that Apsara Meritorious Muni was suffering from Kamadeva, she started hugging him.

Maharishi Medhavi, fascinated by her beauty, forgot the secret of Shiva and, being enamored of her work, started enjoying with her.

The sage had no knowledge of day and night at that time because of his passion and he continued to enjoy for a long time. Thereafter Manjughosha said to that sage- 'O sage! It's been a long time now, so allow me to go to heaven.'

After listening to the Apsara, the sage said- 'O Mohini! You have come in the evening, leave when it is morning.'

Hearing such words of the sage, the Apsara started rapturing with him. Similarly, the two spent a lot of time together.

Manjughosha said to the sage one day- 'O Vipra! Now you allow me to go to heaven.'

This time also the sage said the same thing - 'O Rupasi! Not much time has passed yet, stay some more time.'
After listening to the sage, the Apsara said- 'O sage! Your night is too long. Think for yourself how long it has been since I came to you. Is it worth staying longer?'

Listening to Apsara, the sage realized the time and started thinking seriously. When he came to know about the time that fifty-seven (57) years had elapsed while he was enjoying himself, he began to understand that Apsara as the form of Kaal. He got very angry when so much time wasted in enjoyment and luxury. Now burning in fierce anger, he started looking at the Apsara who destroys the austerity. His limbs trembled with anger and his senses became uncontrollable. In a trembling voice with anger, the sage said to that Apsara- 'The evil one who destroys my austerity! You are a great sinner and a very mischievous woman, shame on you. Now you become a vampire from my curse.'

Due to the wrathful curse of the sage, she became Apsara Pishachini. Seeing this, she got upset and said - 'O sage! Now give up your anger on me and be happy and kindly tell me how this curse (curse) will be remedied? Scholars have said, the company of sadhus gives good results and I have spent many years with you, so now you should be happy on me, otherwise people will say that Manjughosha had to become a vampire after living with a virtuous soul. .' Hearing Manjughosha's words, the sage was very angry at his anger as well as feared his own reputation, so the sage said to Manjughosha, who became a vampire, - 'You have done me a great bad, but still I want to free you from this curse. I will tell you the solution. The name of the Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month is Papmochini. By fasting on that Ekadashi, you will be freed from the body of your demon.

Saying this the sage explained to him all the rules of fasting. Then he went to his father Chyawan Rishi to atone for his sins .

Seeing his son Medhavi, the sage Chyawan said- 'O son! What have you done so that all your tenacity is destroyed? By which all your brilliance has become tainted?'

The meritorious sage bowed his head in shame and said- 'Father! I have committed a great sin by     having pleasure with an Apsara. Because of this sin, probably all my brilliance and my tenacity have been destroyed. Please tell me the way to get rid of this sin.

The sage said- 'O son! You observe the method of Papmochini Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month and fast with devotion, by this all your sins will be destroyed.'

Hearing the words of his father Chyawan Rishi, the meritorious sage observed a fast on Papmochini Ekadashi. All his sins were destroyed by his influence. Manjughosha Apsara also got released from the body of Pishachini by fasting on Papmochini Ekadashi and again assumed her beautiful form and went to heaven. Lomash Muni said - O king! With the effect of this Papamochini Ekadashi, all sins are destroyed. Listening and reading the story of this Ekadashi gives the result of donating one thousand cows. By observing this fast, the terrible sins of those who kill Brahma, steal gold, drink alcohol, go to agamya, etc.

Final Comments - Papmochani Ekadashi Vrat Katha in English

It is clear from this story that physical attraction does not last long. Falling in the greed of physical beauty, the meritorious sage forgot his tenacity. This is considered a terrible sin, but the sinful power of Lord Shri Hari is able to easily get rid of this terrible sinful act. Those who, after making a resolution for good deeds, forget their resolve, being under the influence of greed-greed and indulgence-luxury, they become the partakers of a dire hell.


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