Kalki Jayanti 2023 Date

Kalki Jayanti 2023 Date

Kalki Jayanti (कल्कि जयंती) is the birth anniversary of Kalki Avatar of Sri Vishnu in coming future. Kalki would be the tenth and the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu at the end of Kali Yuga. Nine incarnations (avatar) have taken place and now the final incarnation of Kalki God is awaited. Special Puja is organized in Sri Hari Vishnu temples on the occasion of Kalki Jayanti.

For bringing again the Satya Yuga and elimination of all evil (adharma), Sri Narayan will take avatar in the form of Sri Kalki at the end of the Kali Yuga. That is why Kalki jayanti festival is celebrated in India as well as the World where there is a considerable Hindu population in order to anticipate and enjoy the arrival of the deity in the world.

The name, ‘Kalki’ is derived from the Sanskrit word, “Kalka”. The name “Kalki” represents the one who eliminates all kind of filth and dirt from the universe. It is believed that Sri Hari Vishnu will appear in the form of Lord Kalki to remove the dark forces and the evil out of this world, thereby establishing righteousness (dharma) and peace back into this universe.

Significance of Kalki Jayanti

As per Srimad Bhagavatam, Kalki is recognized as the tenth incarnation of Sri Vishnu who will come for ending the Kali Yuga and bringing back the Satya Yuga.
People worship and pray to Sri Hari Vishnu for his blessings and also seek forgiveness for all their bad deeds or sins.
Kalki is regarded as one of the most ferocious incarnations of Sri Vishnu who symbolizes the end of human race.
Kalki God's key purpose is the liberation of the world. The Kaliyuga is regarded as a dark age where religion, faith, trust and belief are ignored by the people and they get carried away in materialistic ambition and greed.
It is believed that after Sri Kalki Bhagwaan would kill many corrupt kings, Lord Kalki would persuade devotion in the hearts of the human beings. The people will again start coming on the path of religiousness and rightousness and the era of purity and faith will be revived.
It is also believed that Kalki avatar would take birth in the village of Sambhal, to a devoted Brahmin named Vishnuyasha. This event will happen 427,000 years from now as the Kali Yuga comes to an end.
God Kalki would appear on a magnificent white horse namd Devadatta. He will have a sword in his hand with which he would slay all the proud and disloyal kings on Earth.

Rituals of Kalki Jayanti

There are many rituals associated with Kalki Jayanti such as :

Many people observe a fast for the entire day on the auspicious occasion of Kalki Jayanti.
People chant various mantras dedicated to Sri Hari like Narayana Mantra, Vishnu Sahasranama for getting the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
It is important to donate food to the Brahmins on the day of Kalki Jayanti.
Kalki Jayanti is a significant Hindu festival which marks the end of Kali Yuga and the re-establishment of Satya Yuga or Dharma. That is why, the Kalki Jayanti festival is of so much importance in Hindu culture and religion.

When is Kalki Jayanti?

Kalki Jayanti is celebrated on the sixth day in Shukla Paksha Shravan month as per North Indian calendar. As per South Indian calendar, Kalki Jayanthi is celebrated in Bhadrapad month and especially in temples dedicated to Sri Hari like Tirupati Sri Venkateshwarya Temple, Sri Rangam Ranganatha Swamy temple, Sri Krishna temple etc.

Kalki Jayanti 2023 Date - Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Kalki Jayanti Muhurat - 04:18 PM to 06:54 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 36 Mins

Shashthi Tithi Begins - 02:00 AM on Aug 22, 2023
Shashthi Tithi Ends - 03:05 AM on Aug 23, 2023

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