Nag Pancham 2026 Date in Gujarat

Nag Pancham 2026 Date in Gujarat

Nag Pancham is mainly observed in Gujarat on Krishna Paksha Panchami during Shravan month as per Gujarati calendar. Nag Pancham is observed three days before Krishna Janmashtami. Lunar month starts after Amavasya i.e. with no moon day in Gujarati calendar. Nag Pancham in Gujarat is observed during Bhadrapada month as per Purnimanta calendar followed in North Indian states.

Nag Pancham day is dedicated to Serpent God and people worship snakes as representative of Serpent Gods like Vasuki, Adishesha and Ananta. It is believed that anything offered to snakes on Nag Pancham day would reach the serpent gods. Hence, devotes worship live snakes on the day as representative of serpent gods. It is said that people can get rid of Kal Sarp dosh by praying snakes and it also brings good luck. Devotees observe fast on Nag Pancham and usually break it after Nag Puja.

Nag Pancham 2026 Puja Muhurat

Nag Pancham 2026 Date - Tuesday, September 1, 2026

Nag Pancham Puja Muhurat - 07:41 AM to 08:53 AM
Duration - 01 Hour 12 Mins

Nag Panchami 2026 Date in North India - Monday, August 17, 2026

Panchami Tithi Begins - 07:41 AM on Sep 01, 2026
Panchami Tithi Ends - 06:12 AM on Sep 02, 2026

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