Aadi Perukku 2023 Date

Aadi Perukku 2023

when is aadi perukku
Aadi Perukku is observed on the 18th day of the Tamil Month Aadi which usually falls during mid-July to mid-August. Aadi Perukku 2023 date is August 3. The Aadi month in Tamil Nadu falls during the monsoon season and the festival is a Thanksgiving to monsoon rains which fill the rivers – the lifeline of farmers. As it is celebrated on the 18th day, Aadi Perukku is also known as Pathinettam Perukku, Aadi Nōmbi (in Kongu Tamil) or Aadi monsoon festival.

People who live near the Kaveri River's bank are mostly those who observe Aadi Perukku. Perukku, which meaning rising, alludes to rivers' surging waters. The Aadi Perukku celebration is mainly a form of adoration and gratitude to Mother Nature, the God of Monsoon and Goddess Kaveri.

Aadi Perukku 2023

Aadi Perukku 2023 Date - 3rd August 2023, Thursday

In Adi Perukku, what do people do?

On this day, friends, family, and family gather together to pray for a bountiful harvest and an ongoing supply of water. On this day, special cuisine is made and served to friends and family.

All members of the family travel to the riverside that day to construct a unique lamp made of rice flour and jaggery, which is then set up on mango leaves and lighted. On the mango leaves, there are also flowers, turmeric, and a yellow thread. The lanterns, mango leaves, and other accessories are floated in the river by women.

On this day, special foods are prepared, and family members are joined by friends and relatives. Additionally, a variety of rice dishes are prepared, including the well-known "chithranam." Family members take the prepared meal for a picnic to the riverbanks. The riverside or beach picnic is a significant event on this day in different parts of Tamil Nadu.

For a successful crop, a steady supply of water, and a timely monsoon, special prayers and pujas are performed at temples.

On Aadi Perukku Day, the son-in-law is invited and given new clothing by parents in various areas.

The newlywed brides often spend the entire month of Aadi at her parents' house, and in some southern parts of the state, on Aadi 18 Perukku, a gold coin is added to the thali or mangal sutra.

Aadi Perukku 2023 Wishes 

May Mother Nature listen to your prayers and wash away your sorrows Happy Aadi Perukku 2023! 
Let the lamp lighten up joy and bring peace to your life Aadi Perrukku wishes you and your family Happy Aadi Perukku 2023! 
Wishing you a very happy Aadi Perukku May Devi bless you 
May the Goddess shower her utmost blessings on you and your family Happy Aadi Perukku 2023!
Happy Aadi 18 Festival of Tamil Nadu !

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