Radha Ashtami 2024 Date

Radha Ashtami 2024, Radha Ashtami 2024 Date

When is Radha Ashtami Celebrated?

radha ashtami

Radha Ashtami, also known as Radha Jayanti, is a prominent Hindu festival that commemorates the birth of Goddess Radha. Radharani was honored as Sri Krishna's spouse. She is said to be the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism.

As per Hindu calendar, Radha Ashtami is observed on the auspicious eve of the eighth day of the Shukla Paksha, or Ashtami Tithi, which falls in the month of Bhadrapada or the month of August or September as per the Gregorian calendar and Radharani is worshipped during Madhyahna Kala which is noon time. Radha Ashtami, which commemorates the birth anniversary of Sri Radha, occurs 15 days after the Janmashtami festival. 

Popularly known as Radhashtami and Radha Jayanti, devotees worship Radharani with great fervor and devotion on the day of Radha Ashtami. The day also honors Radha and Krishna's and their holy relationship, which represents their selfless, magnificent and sacred association.

Radha Ashtami 2024 Timings

Madhyahna Time - 11:03 AM to 01:32 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 29 Mins
Ashtami Tithi Begins - 11:11 PM on Sep 10, 2024
Ashtami Tithi Ends - 11:46 PM on Sep 11, 2024

Radha Ashtami 2024 Date

Radha Ashtami 2024 Date - Wednesday, September 11, 2024

Iskcon Radhashtami 2024 DateWednesday, September 11, 2024

Why do we Celebrate Radha Ashtami?

On the eve of Radha Ashtami, special prayers and pujas are performed at all of the temples of Sri Krishna, especially in the states of northern India. ISKCON temples and other locations around the nation mark the festival with joy and lavish celebrations. Extreme splendour and grandeur are used to commemorate the event in Barsana, the birthplace of Radharani, as well as in Mathura and Vrindavan. 

It is believed that Radhaji is a manifestation of the Goddess Lakshmi. She wanted to be with Sri Krishna on Janmashtami, therefore in order to symbolize her genuine love to Sri Krishna, she was born as Radha and appeared on earth. Radharani is regarded as the best illustration of eternal love and sincere devotion.

The love between Sri Krishna and Radha is regarded as the most sincere and holy love that has ever existed. Since they are both regarded as having one soul, Sri Krishna merges with Radharani. Goddess Lakshmi and Sri Vishnu shower their blessings onto the devotees who pray to and revere Radharani.

What is Radha Ashtami's origin story?

When it comes to Radharani's birth, there are two alternative stories that are often talked about.

Radharani's appearance:

King Vrishbhanu visited the River Yamuna's coast during the month of Bhadrapada on a night with a half-moon to take a bath. He discovered himself enveloped in a golden glow, the spirit of real and unadulterated love, while having a bath. The golden glow was emitting from a lotus flower. On its whorl was a little girl. After claiming the little daughter, King Vrishbhanu went back to the palace. Being childless, Queen Kirtida was overjoyed to meet the infant. They adopted Radharani and began taking the best care for her.

Birth of Radha: 

As per Padma Purana, Vrishbhanu discovered Radharani while sweeping the floor in preparation for a yajna. This is the second legend relating to the birth of Radharani. Sage 'Narada' informed Vrishbhanu and his wife Kritika that Radha is just the manifestation of Goddess Laxmi. She was regarded as their daughter by them both starting on that specific day.

Religious Relevance of Radha Ashtami 

radha krishna beautiful image

An opportune occasion to worship Lord Krishna and Radha is on Radha Ashtami. Devotees fast as well in order to fulfill their dreams. All requests are said to be granted if you worship Radha Rani on this day with a pure heart. The seeker experiences increased lifespan, good fortune, and wealth. Devotion to Sri Krishna is incomplete without the worship of Radha Rani. Repetition of the Radhe-Radhe mantra is said to bestow Sri Krishna's blessings on the devotee. The person obtains Vaikunth Lok by his grace, just as Sudama did.

In addition, Radha Ashtami, like Janmashtami, has a special significance of its own. On this day, a devotee can atone for all of their sins by fasting. The Radha Ashtami fast is observed by married women in an effort to attract the benefits of joy, progeny, and continuous good fortune.

What rituals are carried out on Radha Ashtami?

Devotees worship Radharani on the eve of Radha Ashtami. People who desire to ask Goddess Lakshmi for her favours sometimes fast for the day. After taking a holy bath, the idol of Radha is put at the midday hour, and it is then embellished with flowers and fresh clothing. Radharani receives bhog, dhoop, and shringar as offerings. All of the devotees participate in Radha aarti and receive prasad. Chanting the Radha Gayatri Mantra is a very popular activity during the Radha Ashtami celebration.

Radha Ashtami 2024 Wishes in Hindi

राधा अष्टमी के मौके पर अपनों को भेजें बधाई संदेश- शुभकामनाएं और कहें राधे-राधे
आप अपनों को बधाई संदेश भेज सकते हैं और शुभकामनाएं दे सकते हैं.

राधा त्याग की राह चली तो
हर पथ फूल बिछा गया कृष्णा
राधा ने प्रेम की आन रखी तो
प्रेम का मान बढ़ा गया कृष्णा
कृष्णा के मन भा गई राधा
राधा के मन समा गया कृष्णा
कृष्णा को कृष्णा बना गई राधा
राधा को राधा बना गया कृष्णा

मटकी तोड़े, माखन खाए फिर भी सबके मन को भाये
राधा के वो प्यारे मोहन,महिमा उनकी दुनिया गाये
राधा रानी के प्राकट्य दिवस “राधा अष्टमी” की हार्दिक बधाई

जिस पर राधा को मान हैं
जिस पर राधा को गुमान हैं
यह वही कृष्ण हैं जो राधा
के दिल हर जगह विराजमान हैं

राधा की चाहत है श्री कृष्ण उसके दिल की
विरासत,श्री कृष्ण चाहे कितना भी रस रचा के
श्री कृष्ण दुनिया तो फिर भी यही कहती है
राधे कृष्ण, राधे कृष्ण, राधे कृष्ण। 

हम भी तेरी मोहनी मूरत दिल में छिपाये बैठे है
तेरी सुन्दर सी छवि आँखों में बसाये बैठे है
इक बार बांसुरी की मधुर तान सुनादे कान्हा
हम भी एक छोटी सी आस जगाये बैठे है
राधे राधे जय श्री राधे।।

प्रेम को भी खुद पर गुमान है क्योंकि,
राधा-कृष्ण का प्रेम हर दिल में विराजमान हैं.
राधा अष्टमी 2024 की हार्दिक बधाई.

कर लो भजन राधा रानी का भरोसा नही हैं जिंदगानी का
जग में मीठा कुछ भी नही मीठा हैं नाम बस राधा रानी का
राधा अष्टमी  2024 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.

राधा मुरली-तान सुनावें,छीनि लियो मुरली कान्हा से.
कान्हा मंद-मंद मुस्कावें,राधा ने धुन,प्रेम की छेड़ी.
कृष्ण को तान पे,नाच नचावें.जय श्री राधे कृष्णा
राधा अष्टमी  2024 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

हर पल, हर दिन कहता है कान्हा का मन
तू कर ले पल-पल राधा का सुमिरन.
राधा अष्टमी  2024 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

फूलो में सज रहे है श्री वृंदावन बिहारी
और साथ सज रही है वृषभानु की दुलारी
टेड़ा सा मुकुट रखा है कैसे सर पर
करुणा बरस रही है करुणा भरी निगाह से
बिन मोल बीक गयी हु जबसे छबि निहारी
फूंलों मे सज रहे है श्री वृंदावन बिहारी

राधा-राधा जपने से हो जाएगा तेरा उद्धार
क्योंकि यही वही वो नाम है जिससे कृष्ण को प्यार

प्रेम को भी खुद पर गुमान है क्योंकि,
राधा-कृष्ण का प्रेम हर दिल में विराजमान हैं
राधा अष्टमी  2024 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

राधा अष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं
राधा की चाहत है श्री कृष्ण उसके दिल की
विरासत,श्री कृष्ण चाहे कितना भी रस रचा के
श्री कृष्ण दुनिया तो फिर भी यही कहती है राधे कृष्ण, राधे कृष्ण, राधे कृष्ण

राधे राधे बोल, श्याम भागे चले आएंगे
एक बार आ गए तो कभी नहीं जायेंगे
राधा अष्टमी  2024 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

राधा के हृदय में श्री कृष्ण
राधा की साँसों में श्री कृष्ण
राधा में ही हैं श्री कृष्ण
इसीलिए दुनिया कहती हैं
राधे-कृष्ण राधे-कृष्ण

“राधा” के सच्चे प्रेम का यह ईनाम हैं
कान्हा से पहले लोग लेते “राधा” का नाम हैं

राधा की चाहत है कृष्ण
उसके दिल की विरासत है कृष्ण
चाहे कितना भी रास रचा ले कृष्ण
दुनिया तो फिर भी यही कहती है
राधे कृष्ण राधे कृष्ण

कृष्ण की प्रेम बाँसुरिया सुन भई वो प्रेम दिवानी
जब-जब कान्हा मुरली बजाएँ दौड़ी आये राधा रानी

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