Chaturdashi Shradh 2023 Date

Chaturdashi Shradh 2023 Date, Chaudas Shraddha

What is Pitru Paksh Shradha?

Pitru Paksha is a Hindu festival meant to honor our ancestors for their contributions to our life. Pitru Paksha shradha is well-known in India because Hindu shastras place a high value on these shradhas. The Pitru Paksha period lasts from Bhadrapada's full moon day to Ashwin month Amavasya.

Aside from the yearly shradh rites for the ancestors, special shradh is conducted on the days when the ancestor died, regardless of the paksha in which the death happened. When compared to typical shradh rituals during this period, the benefits of the Pitru Paksha shradha are numerous. During this time, the ancestors are said to visit their descendants on Earth to receive the offerings made through shradh and tarpan.  

What is Chaturdashi shradh?

During Pitru Paksh Shradh, Chaturdashi Shraddha is observed on the fourteenth day. Chaturdashi shraddha tithi is only appropriate for departed family members who were slain by a weapon, perished in an accident, committed suicide, or were murdered. Otherwise, Chaturdashi shraddha is conducted on Amavasya shraddha tithi rather than this tithi.

Ghat Chaturdashi Shraddha, Ghayala Chaturdashi Shraddha, and Chaudas Shraddha are other names for Chaturdashi Shraddha.

Importance of Pitru Paksha Shradh / Significance of Chaturdashi Shraddha

Pitru Paksha shradh confers elevated advantages to the performers by giving good luck, wealth, and happiness to the performers' families. The Pitru shaap, or ancestor's curse for not doing shradh, is lifted by conducting the Pitru Paksha shradh rites.

Pitri Paksha or Mahalaya Shraddhas are Parvan Shraddhas(पार्वणश्राद्ध), and their auspicious times are Kutup Muhurt and Rohina Muhurt. It might be done till Aparahna Kala (Post Meridian) is completed.

Tarpan (तर्पण) might be done at the conclusion of the Shraddha. Tarpana is conducted by providing ancestors Til, w    ater, and other supplies. Tarpana can be done on any day, however it is commonly done at the conclusion of Shraddha.

The Pitru Paksha shraddha is beneficial because it is thought that ancestors visited their progeny on earth during this time and accepted offerings through shraddha and tarpan.

When the Pitru Paksha shraddha is done, it brings good fortune, wealth, and happiness.

Chaturdashi Shraddha Rituals

  • The individual doing the shraddhas must bathe and wear clean garments, particularly a dhoti and a holy thread.
  • The performer wears a durva grass ring.
  • The rites entail several alterations to the holy thread.
  • Pinda Daan is performed when pindas are offered to the ancestors.
  • On this day, Sri Vishnu and Sri Yama are worshiped.
  • Food is fed to cows, crows, dogs, and ants.
  • On this occasion, Brahmans are given Dakshina and food, as well as some charity and money.
  • Bhagavata Purana and Bhagavad Gita are recited with full family.

Chaturdashi Shradh Ritual Timings

Chaturdashi Shradh 2023 Date - Friday, October 13, 2023

Chaturdashi Shraadh Kutup (कुतुप) Muhurat - 11:44 AM to 12:30 PM
Duration - 00 Hours 46 Mins

Chaudas Shradh Rohina (रौहिण) Muhurat - 12:30 PM to 01:17 PM
Duration - 00 Hours 46 Mins

Chaturdashi Shradha Aparahna (अपराह्न) Kaal - 01:17 PM to 03:35 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 19 Mins

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins - 07:53 PM on Oct 12, 2023
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends - 09:50 PM on Oct 13, 2023


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