Dwadashi Shradh 2024 Date

Dwadashi Shradh 2024 Date, Baras Shraddha

Dwadashi Shradh is the twelfth day of Pitru Paksh Shraddha. During pitru Paksha, Dwadashi Shradha is meant for performing the shradh of the ancestors who died during Dwadashi tithi including both Krishna and Shukla Paksh Dwadashi. On this day, shradh is also performed to people who died after taking sanyasa (renunciation). Thus, it's an auspicious day to perform Shradh rituals for Yathis i.e. people from Saints, Sadhus, Sanyasis, Rishis etc. community. The holy people who are involved in writing, compiling and structuring of Hindu scriptures are offered tharpan, pinda daan and other shradh rituals on this day.

Dwadashi Shradh Ritual Timings

Dwadashi Shradh 2024 Date - Sunday, September 29, 2024

Dwadashi Shraadh Kutup (कुतुप) Muhurat - 11:47 AM to 12:35 PM
Duration - 00 Hours 48 Mins

Baras Shradh Rohina (रौहिण) Muhurat - 12:35 PM to 01:23 PM
Duration - 00 Hours 48 Mins

Yathi Shradha Aparahna (अपराह्न) Kaal - 01:23 PM to 03:46 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 23 Mins

Dwadashi Tithi Begins - 02:49 PM on Sep 28, 2024
Dwadashi Tithi Ends - 04:47 PM on Sep 29, 2024

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