Kartik Month Story Chapter 10

Kartik Month Story Chapter 10, Kartik Month Story Chapter 10 in English

King Prithu said – O great sage Narad ji! I bow before you. Now please please tell us what happened when Lord Shankar poured the light from his head into the milky ocean?

Narad ji said – O king! When Lord Shankar poured that bright light of his in the ocean, at that time he soon became a child and sitting at the confluence of the ocean started crying which frightened the world. The entire world became distraught due to his cry. Lokpal also became distraught. The pasture started moving. The entire universe became disturbed by the cry of Shankar Suvan. Seeing this, all the gods and sages became distraught and went to Brahmaji and started paying obeisance to him and praising him. All of them said to Brahma ji – O grandfather! This is a very difficult situation. O great yogin! Destroy it.

Hearing this from the gods, Brahmaji came down from Satyalok and came to the sea shore to see that child. Seeing Lord Brahma coming, Sagar bowed to him and picked up the child and placed him in his lap. Being surprised Brahma ji asked – O ocean! Whose child is this, tell me quickly.

Sagar said humbly – Lord! I do not know this but I definitely know that it has appeared at the confluence of Ganga and Sagar, hence O Jagatguru! You perform the caste rituals etc. of this child and tell his horoscope.

Narad ji said to King Prithu – Sagar was repeatedly attracting Brahma ji by putting his hand around his neck. Then he held Brahmaji's throat with such force that due to his pain, tears started flowing from Brahmaji's eyes. By using the force of both his hands, Brahmaji somehow freed Sagar from his throat and said to Sagar – O Sagar! Listen, I am telling you the horoscope of your son. Because of the water that has come out of my eyes, it will be named Jalandhar. As soon as he is born, he has attained puberty, hence he will be an expert in all the scriptures, a great warrior, a great hero, a strong man, a great warrior and victorious in battle.

This child will be the ruler of all demons. He will not be defeated by anyone and will conquer even Lord Vishnu. Except Lord Shankar, this would be impossible for everyone. It will go back to the place from where it originated. His wife will be very devoted, fortunate, beautiful, extremely charming, sweet-spoken and well-mannered.

Saying this to Sagar, Brahmaji called Shukracharya and after coronating the child with his hands, he himself disappeared. Sagar's happiness knew no bounds after seeing the child, he came home with a happy heart. Then he brought up that child in the ocean and nurtured him, then called a demon named Kalanemi and got him married to a girl named Vrinda in a formal manner. There was a huge celebration in that marriage. Due to the influence of Shri Shukracharya, Jalandhar along with his wife became the king of demons.

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