Kartik Month Story Chapter 5

Kartik Month Story Chapter 5, Kartik Month Story Chapter 5 in English

Lord, I take support from you, Lord of the world.

Let me elaborate on the greatness of the month of Kartik.

King Prithu said: O Narad Ji! You told the benefits of bathing in Kartik month, now tell the method, rules and method of taking bath in other months and also the method of Udyapan.

Devarshi Narad said: O king! You were born from the part of Lord Vishnu, hence you already know this, still I will tell you the correct method.

Kartik fast should be observed from Ekadashi of Shuklapaksha in the month of Ashwin. One should wake up in Brahmamuhurta and take a vessel of water and go out of the village in the east or north direction. After that, the person who does not purify his mouth does not get the results of any mantra. Therefore, the teeth and tongue should be completely purified and the twig should be broken while reciting the following mantra.

Hey plants! Please grant me life, fame, glory, wisdom, animals, wealth, great knowledge, wisdom and knowledge.

Pronouncing this way, take twelve finger-sized twig from the tree; twig should not be taken from milk trees. Similarly, taking twig from cotton, thorny trees and burnt trees is also prohibited. Twig should be taken from a tree which smells good and whose branch is soft.

One should not chew twig on Pratipada, Amavasya, Navami, Chhathi, Sunday, during lunar and solar eclipse. After that, after taking a good bath, taking the worship material like flower garland, sandalwood and betel leaf etc., one should go to the Shiva temple with a happy mind and devotion and worship all the Gods and Goddesses separately with things like ardhya, achamaniya etc. and then offer prayers and salutations in the voice of the devotees. Kirtan of Sri Hari should be done together.

The singers who have come to the temple to perform Kirtan of Lord Shri Hari should be worshiped with garlands, sandalwood, tambul etc. because in the temples, Lord Vishnu was pleased by there penance, yoga and charity, but in Kaliyuga, only the praises of Lord Shri Hari are used to please Lord Shri Hari is considered the only means of pleasing the deity.

Narad ji said to King Prithu: O king! Once I asked God, Oh Lord! Where do you live most of the time?

Answering this the Lord said: O Narada! I do not reside only in Vaikuntha or in the hearts of yogis, but wherever My devotees chant Me, I definitely reside. Those people who worship my devotees with sandalwood, garland etc., I have such love for them which cannot be achieved even by worshiping me.

Narad ji again said: Lord Vishnu should not be worshiped with Shirish, Dhatura, Girja, Jasmine, Saffron, Kandar and Jackfruit flowers and rice. Lord Shankar should not be worshiped with flowers of Adhahal, Kand, Girish, Juhi, Malti and Kevda. The deities whose worship should be worshiped with the flowers specified for them. After completion of the puja, one should pray to God for forgiveness.

Like: Oh Sureshwar, Oh God! I neither know the mantra nor the action, I am inferior even in devotion, whatever I have worshiped you, complete it.

After offering such prayers, one should do prostration and chant Bhagavad Kirtan. One should listen to the story of Shri Hari and accept Prasad.

The person who observes the Kartik fast according to the above method, enjoys all the pleasures of the world and ultimately attains salvation.

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