Kartik Month Story Chapter 12

Kartik Month Story Chapter 12, Kartik Month Story Chapter 12 in English

Narad ji said: Then Lord Indradik, trembling with fear, ran away from there and reached Vishnu ji in Vaikuntha. The gods praised him for his protection. Hearing that humble speech of the gods, Lord Vishnu, the ocean of compassion, said to them, O gods! You give up fear. I will soon see Jalandhar in battle.

As soon as the Lord sat on Garuda after saying this, Lakshmi ji said, O Nath! If I am always your beloved and devotee, then my brother should not be killed by you in the war.

On this Vishnu ji said: Well, if you have such love then I will not kill him with my own hands but will definitely go to war because the gods have praised me a lot.

Saying this, Lord Vishnu reached the place of war where Jalandhar was present. There was a fierce battle between Jalandhar and Vishnu. Trembling with the might of Vishnu, the gods started making lion roars, then the demons, suffering from the strong wind of the wings of Garuda, the younger brother of Arun, started moving like the clouds moving in the sky due to a storm. Then seeing his brave demons suffering, Jalandhar got angry with Lord Vishnu. They attacked him harshly by saying harsh words.

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