Kartik Month Story Chapter 13

Kartik Month Story Chapter 13, Kartik Month Story Chapter 13 in English

There was fierce attack from both sides with maces, arrows and spikes etc. Distraught by the sharp attacks of the demons, the gods started running here and there, then seeing the gods so frightened, the Lord mounted on Garuda advanced into the battle and picked up his bow called Sarang and made a loud sound. Triloki was destroyed, in a moment God cut off the heads of thousands of demons and then there was a great battle between Vishnu and Jalandhar. The sky was filled with arrows and people started wondering.

Lord Vishnu cut the flag, umbrella and bow and arrows of that demon with the speed of his arrows. Angered by this, he picked up his mace and hit it on Garuda's head. Also, out of anger, the demon shot a sharp arrow in Lord Vishnu's chest. In response to this, Lord Vishnu cut his mace and started piercing him with an arrow on his Sharang bow. On this Jalandhar started showering his sharp arrows on them. He shot many sharp arrows at Lord Vishnu and cut off the Vaishnav bow. After the bow was cut, the Lord took the mace and immediately pulled Jalandhar and hit him, but even with the blow of that fire-infallible mace, the demon could not move at all. He picked up a fiery trident and threw it at Vishnu.

Remembering Shiva's feet, Lord Vishnu pierced his trident with a trident named Nandan. Jalandhar jumped and hit Lord Vishnu's chest with a strong fist, in response Lord Vishnu also hit his chest with one of his fists. Then both of them knelt down and started fighting with arms and fists.
For so long the Lord kept fighting with him, then the best illusionary Lord spoke to that demon king in a cloud voice - Re Ran Durmad Daityashrestha! Blessed are you who were not afraid even of these big weapons in this great war. I am happy with this war of yours, you can ask for whatever boon you want.

Hearing such words of the elusive Vishnu, Jalandhar said - O sentimental one! If you are happy with me, then grant me this boon that you along with my sister and all your relatives live in my house.

Narad ji said - Vishnu ji felt sorry after hearing such words from him but at that very moment Devesh said Amen. Now Vishnu ji along with all the gods went to Jalandharpur and started residing. Jalandhar was very happy to find Vishnu there along with his sister Lakshmi and the gods, then Jalandhar came to earth with all the gems and jewels that the gods had. He established Nishumbh in the underworld and started ruling Tribhuvan by making all the gods, demons, yakshas, Gandharvas, Siddhas, snakes, demons, humans etc. as his descendants. According to religion, he looked after his subjects like his own sons. Everyone was happy in his religious kingdom.

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