Kartik Month Story Chapter 18

Kartik Month Story Chapter 18, Kartik Month Story Chapter 18 in English

Now Mahaprabhu Shankar in the fierce form came to the battlefield riding on Nandi. Seeing him coming, his defeated group returned and started attacking the demons with their weapons while making lion cries. Seeing the fierce form of Rudra, the demons started running away, then Jalandhar ran towards Shankar releasing thousands of arrows. His heroes like Shumbha, Nishumbha etc also ran towards Shankar ji. Meanwhile, Shankar ji cut all the arrow webs of Jalandhar and killed the demons with his ax with the storm of his other arrows.

Killed a demon named Khadgorma with his axe, and also beheaded Balahak. Ghasmar was also killed and Shivgan Chishi cut off the head of the demon named Prachanda. Some were killed by Lord Shiva's bull and many were killed by his arrows. Seeing this, Jalandhar started rebuking his Shumbhadik demons and giving patience to the fearful ones. But somehow the demons, who were afraid of him, did not come to the war. When the demon army started fleeing, then the very angry Jalandhar challenged Lord Shiva and shot seventy arrows.

Lord Shiva kept cutting his arrows. He even cut the flag, umbrella and bow of Jalandhar. Then he also got a severe blow to his body with seven arrows. Jalandhar picked up the mace after his bow was cut. When Lord Shiva broke his mace into pieces, he realized that Shankar was stronger than him. Hence he created Gandharva Maya, many Gandharva Apsaras were born, dancing and singing started with instruments like Veena and Mridang etc. Due to this, Rudra along with his followers got fascinated and concentrated. He stopped the war.

Then Jalandhar, fascinated by lust, quickly took the form of Shankar and reached Parvati sitting on a bull. When Parvati saw her husband coming, she left her friends and came forward. Seeing them, the lustful Jalandhar ejaculated and due to their wind he also became inert. Gauri thought him to be a demon and went to the mind of the North, then Parvati called Lord Vishnu and told him about the act of Daityadhan and asked whether he was aware of it.

Lord Vishnu replied – By your grace I know everything. Hey mother! Whatever you order, I will follow it.

Jagatmata said to Lord Vishnu - It is right to follow the path opened by that demon, I order you to break his wife's vow of husbandry, only then the demon will die.

As soon as he received Parvati's permission, Vishnu ji went towards the city of Jalandhar to deceive her.

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