Kartik Month Story Chapter 17

Kartik Month Story Chapter 17, Kartik Month Story Chapter 17 in English

At that time, Lord Shiva's Gana's were strong and they defeated Shumbha-Nishumbh of Jalandhar and Mahasura Kalanemi etc. Seeing this, Sagar's son Jalandhar came to the battlefield riding a huge chariot on which a long banner was attached. Here, Shankar ji's Gana named Jai and Sheel also started roaring ready for war. In this way the earth was plagued by the sounds of elephants, horses, conch shells, bells and lions from both sides of the two armies.

Jalandhar threw innumerable arrows like fog which spread from the earth to the sky and by shooting five arrows at Nandi, five at Ganesha and twenty arrows at Veerbhadra at once, they pierced their bodies and started roaring like a cloud. Seeing this, Kartikeya also raised his strength and hit the demon Jalandhar and roared loudly, due to which he became unconscious and fell on the earth. But he soon got up and, filled with anger, started attacking Kartikeya with his mace.

For the success of Lord Brahma's boon, Shankar's son Kartikeya slept on earth. Ganesh ji also fell on the ground, distraught by the blow of the mace. Nandi became distraught and fell on the earth due to the blow of his mace. Then the demon took the sword in his hand and soon seeing Veerbhadra falling on the earth, Shiv Gana's left the battlefield and ran away with great speed, shouting. Those fleeing Ganas soon came to Lord Shiva and with great anxiety told him all the news of the war. Lord Leeladhari gave them protection and increased everyone's satisfaction.

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