Kartik Month Story Chapter 20

Kartik Month Story Chapter 20, Kartik Month Story Chapter 20 in English

King Prithu asked - O Devarshi Narad! Please tell me the story of what happened in the war after this and how that demon Jalandhar was killed. Narad ji said – When Girija disappeared from there and Gandharvi Maya also disappeared, then Lord Vrishabhadhwaj became Chaitanya. Expressing worldliness, he became very angry and started fighting with the astonished Jalandhar. Jalandhar started cutting Shankar's arrows but when he could not cut them, he created Maya's Parvati and tied her on his chariot to fascinate him. Then, seeing his beloved Parvati lying in such pain, Shankar ji became distraught while showing worldly leela. Went.

Shankar ji assumed a fierce and fierce form. Now seeing his fierce form, no demon was able to stand in front of him and everyone started running and hiding. Even Shumbha-Nishumbha could not be strong. Lord Shiva cursed Shumbha and Nishumbha and said – Both of you have committed a great crime against me. You run away from war, killing someone running away is a sin. With this I will not kill you now but Gauri will definitely kill you.

On hearing this from Lord Shiva, Sagar's son Jalandhar became furious like fire. He created darkness on the earth by showering fierce arrows on Lord Shiva, then seeing such an attempt of that demon, Lord Shankar became very angry and he cut off his head by using the Sudarshan Chakra made from his forefinger. With a thunderous sound his head fell on the earth and his body broke into two parts like Mount Anjan. The battlefield was covered with his blood.

Due to Shiva's order, his blood and flesh went into Maharaurav and became a pool of blood and the radiance of his body came out and entered Shankar ji, just as Vrinda's radiance had entered Gauri's body. Seeing Jalandhar dead, the gods and all the Gandharvas became happy.

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