Kartik Month Story Chapter 21

Kartik Month Story Chapter 21, Kartik Month Story Chapter 21 in English

Now Brahma and other gods bowed down and started praising Lord Shiva. They said – O Devadhidev! You are the Supreme Being and Supreme God beyond nature, despite being nirguna, Nirvikar and God of all, you perform many types of deeds daily. Oh God! We, all the gods like Brahma, are your servants. Hey Shankar ji! Hey Devesh! Please be happy and protect us. Hey Lord Shiva! We are your subjects and we always remain under your protection.

Narad ji said to King Prithu - When all the gods and sages like Brahma etc. praised Lord Shankar ji in many ways and meditated on his lotus feet, then Lord Shiva blessed the gods and disappeared there. After that, singing the praises of Lord Shiva, all the gods became happy and went to their respective worlds.

The fighting character of Sagar's son Jalandhar with Lord Shankar is one that bestows virtue and destroys all sins. All this is soothing and pleasing to Shiva also. The one who reads and listens to both these stories, after enjoying the pleasures, ultimately attains immortality.

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