Kartik Month Story Chapter 24

Kartik Month Story Chapter 24, Kartik Month Story Chapter 24 in English

King Prithu said – Oh great sage! You talked about Tulsi's history, fast and greatness. Now please tell me whether other gods are worshiped in the month of Kartik? Explain this also in detail.

Narad ji said – It was a matter of past times. A famous religious Brahmin named Dharamdutt lived in Karvikar on Sahya mountain. One day in the month of Kartik, he went towards Lord Vishnu's temple to perform Jagran near Lord Vishnu. At that time there was still one quarter of the night left. While carrying the material for worshiping God, the Brahmin saw on the way that a fierce demon was coming.

His body was naked and without flesh. The Brahmins trembled with fear after seeing his big teeth, lashing tongue and red eyes. His whole body started trembling. He mustered courage and attacked the demon with the puja material and water.
Remembering Harinam, he hit him with water mixed with basil leaves, hence his entire legacy was destroyed. Now he remembered the plight he had faced as a result of the deeds of his previous birth.
He bowed to the Brahmin and said thus - Brahmin! I have reached this condition as a result of the deeds of my previous birth. Now how do I get the best way forward?

Seeing her bowing like this, Dharamdutt was surprised and asked - As a result of which action have you reached this state? Where are you from? What is your name and how is your conduct? Tell me all these things.

The name of that demon was Kalha, Kalha said – Brahmin! It is about my previous birth, there lived a Brahmin named Bhikshu in Saurashtra city, I was his wife. My name was Kalaha and I was a woman of very cruel nature.
I never did any good to my husband even with words, never served him sweet food. She always kept cheating her master. I was particularly fond of discord, that is why my husband was always upset with me. Ultimately he decided to marry another woman, then I sacrificed my life by consuming poison, then the messengers of Yamraj came and tied me and beat me and took me to Yamalok.
There Yamraj saw me and asked Chitragupta - Chitragupta! Look, what kind of work has she done? According to her karma, she may get auspicious or inauspicious.

Chitragupta said- There is no auspicious deed done by her. She herself used to eat sweets and did not give anything to her master. SHe has always hated her master, hence she must live in the form of a bat and she always had a tendency towards discord, hence she live in the womb of a Sukari that eats feces.
She always used to eat alone in the vessel in which food was prepared. Therefore, due to her fault, it may be a cat taking care of its own offspring. She committed suicide by using her husband as an instrument, hence this highly condemnable woman remaine alone for some time even in the body of a ghost. She should be sent by the Yamdoots to a waterless region, where She should reside in the body of a ghost for a long time. After that this sinner will also go into the remaining three Yonis or the births.

Kalha said- Vipravara! I am the same sinner. Five hundred years have passed since I came into this ghost body. I always suffer from hunger and thirst. Entering the body of a merchant, I have come to this southern country till the confluence of Krishna and Veni.
As soon as I reached the banks of Sangam, the councilors of Lord Shiva and Vishnu forcefully chased me away from the body of Baniya, since then I have been wandering here and there suffering from hunger. Just then my eyes fell on you.
All my sins have been destroyed by the contact of water mixed with Tulsi from your hands. Dwijshreshtha! Now you yourself find some solution. Tell me, how will I be freed from this body of mine and from the three dreadful births that will happen in the future?

Hearing these words of Kalaha, Dharmadatta became very sad seeing her past deeds and present condition, then after much thought he said... (The story of Dharmadatta ji's statement has been described in the twenty-fifth chapter)

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