Kartik Month Story Chapter 23

Kartik Month Story Chapter 23, Kartik Month Story Chapter 23 in English

Narad ji said - O king! This is the reason why Lord Vishnu is worshiped in the root of Tulsi during the fast Udyapan of Kartik month. Tulsi is considered to provide more love to Lord Vishnu.
Rajan! In the house where there is Tulsivan, then that house is a place of pilgrimage, there the messengers of Yamraj do not come. Tulsi plant is always the destroyer of all sins and the granter of desired wishes. Those great people who plant Tulsi plant do not see Yamraj. View of Narmada, bathing in Ganga and contact with Tulsi plant - all three are said to be the same. Yamraj cannot look at the person who sacrifices his life after uniting himself with the manjari of Tulsi, even if he is guilty of hundreds of sins. By touching Tulsi, all sins like sexual, verbal, mental etc. are destroyed.

People who worship God with Tulsi Dal do not come into the womb again, that is, they are freed from the cycle of birth and death. All the places of pilgrimage like Pushkar, rivers like Ganga and all the gods like Vishnu reside in Tulsi Dal.
Hey king! People who apply sandalwood on Tulsi wood easily attain salvation and the sins committed by them do not even touch their body. Wherever there is shade of Tulsi plant, Shraddha should be performed for the satisfaction of the ancestors. Even Yamraj cannot look upon the one on whose mouth, ears and forehead a Tulsi leaf is visible, leave alone the messengers. One who listens to the glory of Tulsi with respect every day, becomes free from all sins and goes to Brahmalok.

Similarly, the great Amla tree is the destroyer of all sins. Amla tree is dear to Lord Vishnu. It is only by remembering this that man attains the fruits of Godan i.e cow donation. The person who worships Lord Vishnu in the Amla forest during Kartik and eats food under the shade of Amla tree, his sins are also destroyed. Whatever good a person does under the shade of Amla tree becomes multimillionfold. The person who gives food to a Brahmin couple even once in Kartik under the shade of Amla tree and then feeds himself becomes free from Anna Dosha. A person who wishes to attain Lakshmi should always take bath with Amla. One should not take bath with Amla on Navami, Amavasya, Saptami, Sankranti, Sunday, lunar eclipse and solar eclipse.

The person who offers Pind Daan sitting under the shade of Amla tree, his ancestors attain salvation through the offerings of Lord Vishnu. The person who takes bath by mixing Amla fruit and Tulsi leaves in water gets the results of bathing in Ganga. The person who worships the gods with Amla leaves and fruits gets the fruits of worship through gold gems and pearls. In the month of Kartik, when the Sun is in Libra, all the pilgrims, sages, gods and all the yagyas reside in the Amla tree. The person who eats food sitting under the shade of Amla tree on Dwadashi Tithi during Tulsi Dal and Kartik, his sins arising from food contamination for one year are destroyed.

The person who worships Lord Vishnu in the root of Amla in Kartik gets the results of worshiping Shri Vishnu Kshetras. Even Shri Brahma ji is not able to describe the importance of Amla and Tulsi, hence by listening to the birth story of Dhatri and Tulsi ji, man gets devotion along with his lineage.

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