Kartik Month Story Chapter 27

Kartik Month Story Chapter 27, Kartik Month Story Chapter 27 in English

The councilors said - Once upon a time, Vishnudas prepared food after doing his daily routine but someone secretly stole it. Vishnudas saw that there was no food but he did not prepare food again because doing so would not give him time for evening puja. Hence, there was a fear of breaking the daily rules. Next day again at the same time, after preparing food, as soon as he went to offer it to Lord Vishnu, someone came and again grabbed all the food.

In this way, someone kept stealing their food for seven days continuously. Vishnudas was very surprised by this and he started thinking in his mind like this - Oh! Who comes every day and steals my kitchen? If I prepare food in the kitchen again, I miss the evening puja. If it is appropriate to have food immediately after cooking, then I would not do it because no Vaishnav eats food without offering everything to Lord Vishnu. Today it has been seven days since I fasted. How long can I remain steadfast in this fast? Good! Today I will protect the kitchen well.

Having decided this, after preparing food, he stood hiding somewhere there. Meanwhile, he saw a Chandal who was ready to leave after eating food from the kitchen. His whole body had become weak due to hunger and his face was full of sadness. There was nothing left in the body except bones and skin. Seeing him, the heart of the best Brahmin Vishnudas was filled with compassion. He looked at the Chandal who had stolen the food and said – Brother! Just wait, wait! Why do you eat dry food? Take this ghee.

Saying thus, seeing Vipravar Vishnudas coming, Vaj Chandal ran away with great speed in fear and fell unconscious at a short distance. Seeing Chandal frightened and unconscious, Vishnu Das, the best among the warriors, came near him with great speed and out of pity started fanning him with the end of his clothes. Thereafter, when he stood up, Vishnudas saw that there were no Chandalas there but Narayana himself was present in front of him holding conch, disc and mace. Seeing his Lord in person, Vishnudas became subjugated by satvik feelings. When he was not able to even praise and salute, then God hugged his devotee Vishnudas, who was observing Satvik fast, and gave him a form like his own and took him to Vaikuntha Dham.

At that time, King Chola, who had been initiated into the Yagya, saw that Vishnudas was going near Lord Vishnu sitting on a great plane. Seeing Vishnudas going to Vaikunthadham, the king immediately called his Guru Maharishi Mudgal and started saying thus - That Brahmin with whom I have competed and performed the rituals of Yagya, charity etc., has today assumed the form of Lord Vishnu before me. Going to Vaikunthadham. After being well initiated in this Vaishnavadham, I performed havan in the fire and fulfilled the wishes of the Brahmins through donations etc. However till now Lord Vishnu was not pleased with me and Sri Hari directly came in front of Vishnudas only because of his devotion. Hence, it seems that Lord Vishnu is not pleased only with donations and yagyas. Devotion is the main reason for getting darshan of that Lord.

Both the councilors said- Saying this, the king anointed his nephew on the throne. He had been engaged in Yagya since childhood, taking initiation from it, hence he did not have any son. This is the reason why in that country till now nephews are the heirs of the state. After giving the kingdom to his nephew, the king went to the sacrificial fire and standing in front of the sacrificial fire addressed Lord Vishnu and said the following words in a loud voice three times - Lord Vishnu! Please grant me unwavering devotion through mind, speech, body and actions.

Saying this, he jumped into the fire in front of everyone. Just at that very moment the devoted Lord Vishnu appeared in the fire pit. He hugged the king to his chest and made him sit in a superior plane and took him with him and left for Vaikuntha Dham.

Narad ji said- Oh king! The one who was Vishnudas was the advisor of God famous by the name Punyasheel and the one who was King Chola was named Sushil. Lord Lakshmipati made both of them his gatekeepers by giving them a form similar to his own.

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