Kartik Month Story Chapter 28

Kartik Month Story Chapter 28, Kartik Month Story Chapter 28 in English

Dharamdutt asked- I have heard that Jai and Vijay are also the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu. What good deeds had they done in their previous birth due to which they assumed the form of God and became the gatekeepers of Vaikuntha Dham?

Both the councilors said- Brahmin! In ancient times, due to the vision of Maharishi Kardam, two sons were born from the womb of Trinavindu's daughter Devahuti. The elder of them was named Jai and the younger was named Vijay. Later, from the womb of the same Devahuti, Lord Kapil, who knew Yogadharma, was born. Jai and Vijay were always ready to worship God. He used to chant Ashtakshar Mantra daily and observe Vaishnav vows. Once King Marutta invited both of them to his yagya. There Jai Brahma and Vijay Acharya were created. He completed the entire ritual of Yagya. At the end of the Yagya, after Avabhruthasthan, King Marutta gave a lot of money to both of them.

Both the brothers took the money and went to their ashram. While dividing the money there, there was a quarrel between the two. Jai said- This money should be divided equally. Vijay said - No, whatever he has got should remain with him. Then Jay got angry and cursed the greedy Vijay - You do not give after receiving, hence become a crocodile.

Hearing Jai's curse, Vijay also cursed - You have cursed due to intoxication, hence you go into the womb of Matang i.e. elephant. After that he prayed to God to remove the curse. Shri Bhagwan said- You are my devotee, your word will never be untrue. Both of you will reach my abode again after suffering these curses given by yourself.

Saying this, Lord Vishnu disappeared. Thereafter both of them became Graha and Gaj on the banks of river Gand. Even in that life, he remembered his previous birth and remained ready to fast for Lord Vishnu. Sometime when Gajraj went to river Gand to take a bath in the month of Kartik, Graha, remembering the reason behind the curse, caught hold of the gajraj.

When Gajraj was caught by Graha, he remembered Lord Ramanath, then Lord Vishnu appeared there wearing conch, chakra and mace, he saved Gajraj and Graha by using his chakra and gave them a form similar to his own and took them to Vaikuntha Dham, since then that place has been there. It is famous by the name of Harikshetra. They are the two world famous Jai and Vijay who were the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu.

Dharmadutt! You too should give up jealousy and hatred and always remain steadfast in the fast of Lord Vishnu, be equanimous, always take bath in the morning in the months of Kartik, Magh and Vaishakh. Remain steadfast in observing Ekadashi fast. Keep protecting Tulsi's garden. By doing this you will also attain the supreme status of Lord Vishnu after the end of your body. Neither yagya nor charity nor pilgrimage is greater than this fast of yours that satisfies Lord Vishnu. Vipravara! Blessed are you, this woman is being taken by us to Vaikuntha Dham after getting the fruit of half of her fast.

Narad ji said- Oh king! After giving such advice to Dharamdutt, both the flying councilors went to Vaikunthadham along with that Kalaha. Dharamdutt remained steadfast in his vow to God throughout his life and after his death, he along with his two wives attained Vaikuntha Dham. One who listens and narrates this ancient history, by the grace of Lord Jagadguru, attains the best path which leads to his association.

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