Kartik Month Story Chapter 33

Kartik Month Story Chapter 33, Kartik Month Story Chapter 33 in English

Sutji said- Thus, after narrating this story to his very beloved Satyabhama, Lord Shri Krishna went to his mother's house for evening worship. This fast of Kartik month is very dear to Lord Vishnu and gives devotion. 1) Night vigil, 2) Morning bath, 3) Tulsi tree watering, 4) Udyapan and 5) Donating lamps - These five actions are going to please Lord Vishnu, hence they must be followed.

The sage said - You told us the greatness of Kartik, who is dear to Lord Vishnu, who gives more fruits, who pleases every part of the body. People who wish for salvation or desire enjoyment must observe this fast. Apart from this, we want to ask you one thing that if a person observing the fast of Kartik month gets trapped in some trouble or is in a forest or the person fasting suffers from some disease, then how should that person observe the Kartik fast? Because Kartik fast is very dear to Lord Vishnu and by observing it one attains salvation and devotion, hence it should not be skipped.

Answering this, Shri Sutji said - If a person observing Kartik fast gets into any trouble, then he should gather courage and pray to Lord Shankar.

Go to the temple of R or Lord Vishnu, whichever is nearby, and keep vigil at night. If the devotee gets stuck in a dense forest, then he should go under the Peepal tree or in the Tulsi forest and perform Jagran. Sit in front of the idol of Lord Vishnu and chant the Kirtan of Lord Vishnu. By doing this one gets results equivalent to donating thousands of cows. The person who plays the instrument in the kirtan of Vishnuji gets the same result as the Vajpayee Yagya and the person who dances in Hari Kirtan gets the result of taking bath in all the pilgrimages. In case of any crisis or if you become sick and are unable to get water, wash yourself only in the name of Lord Vishnu.

If one cannot perform Udyapan, then Lord Vishnu remains happy only because the Brahmins are happy to fulfill the fast. If a person is unable to donate a lamp, then he should protect someone else's lamp properly from wind etc. If the Tulsi plant is not nearby then worship only a Vaishnav Brahmin because Lord Vishnu always remains close to his devotees. In the absence of all these, a person observing Kartik fast should serve Brahmins, cows, Peepal trees and Vatavraksha with devotion.

Sage Shaunaka etc. said - You have described Peepal and Banyan trees as equal to cows and brahmins and among all the trees Peepal and Banyan trees have been called the best, tell the reason for this.

Sutji said- Peepal is the form of Lord Vishnu and Vat is the form of Lord Shankar. Palash originated from the part of Lord Brahma. One who eats food from its leaf in the month of Kartik goes to the world of Lord Vishnu. All the sins of those who worship, serve and visit these trees are destroyed.

The sages asked- Oh Lord! We have a doubt in our minds that why did Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar become trees? Please clear our doubt.

Sutji said- In ancient times, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati were travelling. At that time, with the aim of creating disturbance in his monastery, Agnidev reached there in the form of a Brahmin. Being enraged by the joy of Vihar, Mother Parvati cursed all the gods.

Mother Parvati said- O Gods! Even insects and moths are not ignorant of sensual pleasures. Despite being gods, you people have created obstacles in it, so all of you become trees.

Sutji said - In this way, due to the curse of angry Parvati ji, all the gods became trees. This is the reason why Lord Vishnu became Peepal and Lord Shiva became Banyan tree. Therefore, due to the association of Lord Vishnu with Shanidev, Peepal should be touched only on Saturday and not on any other day.

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