Kartik Month Story Chapter 32

Kartik Month Story Chapter 32, Kartik Month Story Chapter 32 in English

Lord Shri Krishna further said- Oh dear! Obeying Yamraj's orders, Pretapati took Dhaneshwar near the hells and showing him to him started saying - O Dhaneshwar! Look at these hells that give great fear. In these, sinful men are always cooked by the messengers. Look, this is a hell called Taptavachuk in which sinners are lamenting due to burning of their bodies. The person who does not give food to the hungry at meal time is thrown into this hell again and again. The creature who kicks the Guru, Agni, Brahmin, cow, Veda and the king goes to the terrible hell for committing grave sins.

Look ahead, this is the second hell whose name is Andhatamisra. These sinners are being bitten by needle-like insects called Tamoth. Sinners who hurt others are thrown into this hell.

This is the third hell named Krakeya. In this hell the sinners are cut with a saw. This hell is also of six types due to differences like inequality etc. In this, people who cause separation of women and sons are cooked in a pan. Humans who separate two loved ones are also cut by the edge of the sword in the hell called Asimatra and some run away in fear of wolves.

Now look at this fourth hell called Argal. In this the sinners are running here and there shouting in various ways. This hell is also of six types with different types like killing etc. Now you see this fifth hell whose name is Kutashalmali. It has big thorns that hurt like embers. This hell is also of six types with different types like torture etc. People who commit adultery are thrown into this hell.

Now you see this sixth hell. In the hell called Ulvan, sinners are hanged with their heads down. Those who do not think about Bhaksya-Bhakshya and criticize and gossip about others are thrown into this hell. This hell is also of six types depending on the smell.

This is the seventh hell whose name is Kumbhipak. This is very terrible and it is also of six types. In this Mahapataki humans are cooked, in this hell they have to suffer torture for thousands of years, this is Raurava hell. The sins which are committed without desire are called dry and the sins which are committed willingly are called wet. Thus, these sins are of two types: dry and wet. Apart from this, there are eighty-four different types of sins. 1) Apakreena, 2) Padakateya, 3) Malinikarna, 4) Jaatibhramshakarna, 5) Upaya, 6) Atipaap, 7) Mahapaap - these are seven types of sins. One who does the sinful deeds are cooked in these seven hells according to his sinful deeds. Since you had the association with the devotees of the Lord who observed Kartik fast and because of the increase in your virtue, all these hells have definitely been destroyed for you.

In this way, after making Dhaneshwar see the hells, the ghost king took him to Yakshalok. Went there and made him the king of that place. He became famous by the name of 'Dhanakshay', a Kubera's follower. Later Maharishi Vishwamitra built a shrine in his name.

Fasting in the month of Kartik gives great results, there is no other virtuous deed equal to it. Whoever observes this fast and sees the person observing the fast attains salvation.

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