Kartik Month Story Chapter 7

Kartik Month Story Chapter 7, Kartik Month Story Chapter 7 in English

Narad ji said: Oh King! Let me briefly explain the rules for those observing fast in the month of Kartik, you listen to it. The fasting person should give up all types of non-vegetarian meat, urad, mustard, sour and intoxicating substances. The fasting person should not eat food from others, should not hate anyone and should not undertake any journey other than pilgrimage. One should not criticize Gods, Vedas, Brahmins, cows, fasting women, kings and teachers.

The fasting person should not consume pulses, sesame seeds, dishes or donated food. One should not gossip or criticize anyone. The flesh of any living creature should not be touched. Betel leaves, catechu, lime, lemon, lentils, stale and false grains should also not be used. One should not drink the milk of any animal other than cow, goat and buffalo. Panchagavya kept in a bronze vessel, water from a very small pitcher and cooked food should be used only for oneself.

A person observing fast in the month of Kartik should always follow celibacy. He should sleep on the ground and eat food only once in a leaf in the fourth quarter of the day. A fasting person can apply oil on his body only on the day of Narak Chaturdashi which is also known as Chhoti Diwali in the month of Kartik. A person fasting in the month of Kartik should not use water chestnut, onion, buttermilk, carrot, radish, cashew, gourd and watermelon. One should not talk to menstruating people, Chandalas, sinners, Mlechchha, sinful people, those who do not fast, traitors to Brahmins and atheists. To please Lord Vishnu, one should observe Chandrayaan fast as per one's capacity and follow the above mentioned rules.

The one who observes fast must not use gourd on Pratipada tithi, jackfruit on Dwitiya, young woman on Tritiya, radish on Chaturthi, Bel fruit i.e wood apple on Panchami, watermelon on Shashthi, amla on Saptami, coconut on Ashtami, radish on Navami, gourd on Dashami, parwal on Ekadashi, plum on Dwadashi. One should not use buttermilk on Trayodashi, carrot on Chaturdashi and vegetables on Purnima. Amla should not be used on Sunday. If a person fasting in the month of Kartik wants to consume any of these vegetables, he should first consume it after seeing a Brahmin.

The same rule is for the fast of Magh month also. On Devothani Ekadashi, dance, jagran, singing etc. should be done as per the method mentioned earlier. Seeing a person doing this ritually, the Yamdoots run away like elephants run away from the roar of a lion.

The fast of Kartik month is the best among all the fasts. Apart from this, all the fasts and yagyas that are performed cannot be compared to this even if performed in thousands because the person who performs the yagya directly attains Vaikuntha. Just as the king is protected by his bodyguards, in the same way the Indradi deity protects the person observing fast in the month of Kartik with the permission of Lord Vishnu.

Wherever a fasting person lives, he is worshipped, his fame spreads. No ghosts, vampires etc. can live in his place of residence. Even Brahmaji is unable to describe the virtues of people who observe the fast of Kartik month as per the rituals. This fast destroys all sins, grants sons and grandchildren and increases wealth.

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