Kartik Month Story Chapter 8

Kartik Month Story Chapter 8, Kartik Month Story Chapter 8 in English

Naradji said – Now I describe the Udyapan of Kartik fast which is going to destroy all sins. A person observing the fast should do Udyapan on Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi for the fulfillment of the fast and for the love of Lord Vishnu. Build a beautiful pavilion over Tulsi, connect it with banana pillars and enhance its unique beauty with different types of metals. Keep a series of lamps beautifully decorated around the mandap. In that pavilion, make four doors decorated with beautiful hangings and decorate them with flowers and leaves. Make separate clay gatekeepers at the doors and worship them. Their names are as follows – Jai, Vijay, Chand, Prachanda, Nand, Sunand, Kumud and Kumudaksha. Install them two by two on all four doors and worship them with devotion.

Make a Sarvatobhadramandal decorated with four colors near the root of Tulsi and establish a pot combined with Purnapatra and Pancharatna on top of it. Worship Lord Vishnu holding conch, chakra and mace over the Kalash. Fast with devotion on that date and hold vigil at night with auspicious events like songs, musical instruments, kirtan etc. Those who sing devotional verses dedicated to Lord Vishnu while awakening for Lord Vishnu, become free from the sins of hundreds of births.

Those people who stay awake for the sake of God and chant the name of God throughout the night, they get the fruit of innumerable blessings. Those people who dance and sing in front of the idol of God, their accumulated sins of many births are destroyed. Those who sit in front of God and do kirtan and please the devotees of God by playing flute etc. and stay awake throughout the night with devotion, they get the reward of doing crores of pilgrimages.

After that, invite a married Brahmin on the full moon day. After taking bath and worshiping God in the morning, set fire on the altar and offer sesame and kheer as an offering to God. After completing the remaining rituals of Homa, worship the Brahmins with devotion and give them Dakshina as per your capacity and then pray to them for forgiveness like this –

'May God always be pleased with me with the kindness of all of you. By observing this fast, the sins committed in my seven births will be destroyed and my children will live forever. May all my wishes be fulfilled through this puja, may I attain the very rare Vishnuloka after my death.

Donate the cow to the Guru along with all the puja items and then have the meal with your family and friends.

Lord woke up from sleep on Dwadashi date, met the gods on Trayodashi and everyone saw and worshiped him on Chaturdashi, hence God should be worshiped on that date. With the permission of the Guru, worship the golden idol of Lord Vishnu. It is considered best to visit Pushkar pilgrimage on this full moon day. This method should be followed in the month of Kartik. Those who observe Kartik fast in this way are blessed and worshipable, they get good results. Those who are engaged in the devotion of Lord Vishnu and observe the fast during Kartik, all the sins present in their body are immediately destroyed. One who devoutly listens or narrates the greatness of Kartik's Udyapan, attains the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

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