Janaki Jayanti 2023 Date

Janaki Jayanti 2023 Date

Janaki Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Goddess Sita, the consort of Sri Rama. One of the most auspicious festivals in Hindu calendar, Janaki Jayanti occurs annually on Krishna Paksha Ashtami in the month of Phalguna as per North Indian calendar. However, Janaki Jayanti is observed during Magha month as per the Amanta calendar followed in Gujarat, Maharashtra and South Indian states. Janaki Jayanti is observed on the same day in both calendars. In some places, married women observe a fast for the long life and well-being of their husbands. Janaki Jayanti is also known as Sita Ashtami.

Janaki Jayanti 2023 Date

Janaki Jayanti 2023 will be observed on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

Janaki Jayanti 2023 Tithi

The Ashtami tithi starts at 09:45 on Feb 13, 2023, and ends at 09:04 on Feb 14, 2023.

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