Kartik Month Story Chapter 14

Kartik Month Story Chapter 14, Kartik Month Story Chapter 14 in English

Then the gods became angry after seeing him ruling righteously. He started remembering Devadhidev Shankar in his mind, then Shankar, who fulfills the wishes of the devotees, called Narad ji and sent him there with the desire of doing divine work. Shambhu devotee Narad went to Devpuri with the permission of Shiva. Indradik and all the gods became distraught and quickly got up and started looking at Narad ji with eager eyes. After telling about all his sorrows and praying to destroy them, Narad ji said – I know everything, so now I am going to the demon king Jalandhar. Saying this, Narad ji assured the gods and came to the meeting of Jalandhar. Jalandhar worshiped the feet of Narad ji and said laughingly – O Brahmin! Tell me, where are you coming from? How did you come here? Please order whatever service is suitable for me.

Narad ji became happy and said – O very intelligent Jalandhar! You are blessed, I voluntarily went to Mount Kailash, where there is a forest of Kalpavriksha in ten thousand yojanas. There I saw hundreds of Kamdhenus wandering and also saw that it was divine, wonderful, illuminated with Chintamani and everything was golden. I also saw Lord Shankar sitting there with Parvati who was all beautiful, fair complexioned, with Shankar having three eyes and a moon on his head. Seeing him, I was very surprised whether there is anyone in Triloki as prosperous as him or not? Hey Daityendra! At the same time I remembered your prosperity and with the desire to see it I have come to you.

Jalandhar was very happy to hear this. He showed all his prosperity to Narad ji. Seeing him, Narad praised Jalandhar a lot and said that you were definitely worthy of being the ruler of the three worlds. You have brought Brahmaji's swan-carrying plane and all the jewels in heaven, underworld and on earth are yours. You also have the treasure of Airavat, Ucchaihashrava horse, Kalpavriksha and Kuber. You also have piles of gems and jewels. I am very happy with this but you do not have any feminine gem. Without that all this is dull. You adopt some feminine gem.

Hearing such words of Narad ji, the demon king became restless with his lust. He bowed to Narad ji and asked where would he find such a woman who would be the best among all the gems.

Narad ji said – Such a gem is with Yogi Shankar in Mount Kailash. His all round beautiful wife Goddess Parvati is very beautiful. I don't see anyone as beautiful as her. There is no comparison of that gem anywhere in the three worlds. Saying this to the demon, Devarshi went away through the sky with the desire to do God's work.

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