Kartik Month Story Chapter 15

Kartik Month Story Chapter 15, Kartik Month Story Chapter 15 in English

King Prithu asked Narad ji: O best of sages! What did the demon king do then? Tell me all that in detail.

Narad ji said: After I (Narad ji) left, Jalandhar called his messenger named Rahu and ordered that there is a matted Shambhu Yogi who lives on Kailash and ask him to bring his all-beautiful wife for him.

Then the messenger reached Shiva's place but Nandi stopped him from going inside the meeting. But due to his fierceness he went to Shiva's meeting and sat in front of Shiva and told him the message of the demon king. As soon as the messenger named Rahu said this, a man with a fierce voice and a face like a lion appeared in front of Lord Shulpani by breaking the earth. That Narasimha went to eat Rahu. Rahu ran with great force but the man caught him. He sought protection from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva asked the man to leave Rahu but he said, I am very hungry, what should I eat?

Maheshwar said: If you are hungry then quickly eat the flesh of your hands and feet and he did the same. Now only his head was left, then seeing his action, Lord Shiva was pleased and considered him obedient to him and made him his most beloved member. From that day he started living at the door of Lord Shiva as a person named 'Swakirtimukh'.

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