Kartik Month Story Chapter 16

Kartik Month Story Chapter 16, Kartik Month Story Chapter 16 in English

King Prithu said: O Narad Ji! You have narrated a very strange story of Lord Shiva. Now please tell me where did Rahu go after leaving that man at that time?

Narad ji said, after being freed from him, that messenger became famous by the name of Barbar and after getting his new birth, he gradually went to Jalandhar. Going there he told about all the efforts of Shankar. Hearing this, the demon king ordered all the demons through his army. All the mighty demons like Kalanemi, Shumbha-Nishumbh etc. started getting ready. One after the other, the mighty demons came out in millions of numbers and gathered for war. The mighty Sindhu set out to fight the son of Lord Shiva. Clouds covered the sky and many bad omens started happening. Shukracharya and Rahu with severed head came in front. At the same time the crown of Jalandhar slipped, but he did not stop.

On the other hand, Indradik, all the gods reached Kailash to Lord Shiva and narrated the whole story and also said that you had sent Lord Vishnu to fight with Jalandhar. He is now in Jalandhar's control and Lord Vishnu along with Lakshmi resides in his house under the control of Jalandhar. Now the gods also have to live there. Now that son of Bali Sagar is coming to fight with you. Therefore, you save us all by killing him.

Hearing this, Shankarji called Lord Vishnu and asked, O Rishikesh! Why did you not kill Jalandhar in the war and how did you leave Vaikuntha and go to his house?

Hearing this, Vishnuji folded his hands and humbly said to Lord Shankar: I have not killed him only because he is your part and brother of Lakshmi. He is very brave and invincible against the gods. Being fascinated by this, I have started living in his house.

Hearing these words of Vishnu ji, Shankar ji laughed and said: O Vishnu! What do you call this! I will definitely kill that demon Jalandhar. Now all of you know that Jalandhar would be killed by me and now go to your place.

When Shankar ji said this, all the gods went to their places without any doubt. At the same time, the mighty Jalandhar with his huge army came near the mountain and started making loud lion noises against Kailash. Hearing the sound and noise of the demons, Lord Shiva ordered Nandi etc. to fight with them, a fierce battle started near Kailash. The demons started raining various types of weapons, the earth started trembling due to the sound of Bheri, Mridanga, conch and the words of the warriors and elephants, horses and chariots. There was a mountain of dead elephants, horses and infantry killed in the war. A mud of flesh and blood was formed.

Shukraji, the teacher of demons, started reviving all the demons with his dead Sanjeevani Vidya. Seeing this, Lord Shiva's followers became distraught and went to him and narrated the whole story. After hearing this, Lord Rudra's anger knew no bounds. Then at that time a very terrible thing came out of his mouth, both of whose thighs were like a palm tree. She went to the battlefield and started destroying all the demons and then she reached near Shukracharya and soon she hid him in her vagina and then herself also disappeared.

Due to Shukracharya's concealment, the faces of the demons turned pale and they fled the battlefield. On this, generals like Shumbh, Nishumbh and Kalanemi stopped their fleeing heroes. Shiva's Nandi and other members, including Lord Ganesha and Swami Kartikeya, started fighting a fierce battle with the demons.

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