Kartik Month Story Chapter 22

Kartik Month Story Chapter 22, Kartik Month Story Chapter 22 in English

King Prithu asked Narad ji – O Devarshi! Now please tell me what did Lord Vishnu do after captivating Vrinda and then where did he go?

When the gods became silent after praising, then Shankar ji said to all the gods – O Brahmadic gods! Jalandhar was a part of me. I did not kill him for you, it was my worldly play, yet you guys tell the truth whether it made you happy or not?

Then the eyes of the Brahmadic Gods blossomed with joy and they bowed to Lord Shiva and narrated all the stories of Vishnu that he had charmed Vrinda with great effort and that she had attained the supreme state by entering the fire. The gods also said that since then Vishnu, fascinated by the beauty of Vrinda, roamed here and there wrapped the ashes of her funeral pyre. Therefore, you explain to them because this entire pasture is under your control.

Hearing all this story from the gods, Shankar ji explained to them his illusion and said that even Vishnu, fascinated by it, has become under the control of lust. But Mahadevi Uma, the mother of the Trinity, is the original nature beyond all, the most beautiful and she is also called Girija. Therefore, to remove the attachment of Vishnu, all of you should take refuge in her. With the orders of Shankar ji, all the gods started pleasing the original nature. After reaching her place, they praised her greatly and then a voice came from the sky, O Gods! In three ways, I am the form of Gaura from Satya Guna, Lakshmi from Rajo Guna and Jyoti form from Tamo Guna, separated from all the three Gunas. Therefore, now if you people go to those goddesses for my protection, they will fulfill your wishes.

Hearing all this, the gods started paying respect to Bhagwati's words and started paying obeisance to Gauri, Lakshmi and Saraswati. All the gods prayed to those goddesses with devotion. With that praise all three goddesses appeared. All the gods were happy and requested, then those goddesses gave some seeds and said - take it and sow it and all your work will be accomplished. The Brahmadic gods took those seeds to Lord Vishnu. Thrown in Vrinda's funeral pyre. Dhatri, Malti and Tulsi appeared from them.

Dhatri appeared from Vidhatri's seed, Malti from Lakshmi's seed and Tulsi from Gauri's seed. As soon as Lord Vishnu saw those plants in female form, he sat up. Fascinated with lustful mind, he started pleading with them. Dhatri and Tulsi loved him. Lord Vishnu, forgetting all his sorrows, bowed to the gods and went to his world Vaikuntha. He became happy as before and started remembering Shankar ji. This famous story is going to give devotion to Lord Shiva.

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