Kartik Month Story Chapter 29

Kartik Month Story Chapter 29, Kartik Month Story Chapter 29 in English

King Prithu said - O best of sages! You told me the story of Kalaha attaining salvation, to which I listened attentively. Hey Naradji! This work was done due to the influence of those two rivers, please tell me this.

Narad ji said - O king! River Krishna is the body of Lord Shri Krishna Maharaj and the river named Veni is the body of Lord Shankar. Even Shri Brahmaji is not capable of describing the greatness of the confluence of these two rivers, yet since you have asked, I will tell you the story of their origin. Listen carefully.

At the beginning of Chakshasu Manvantar, Brahmaji decided to perform a yagya on the peak of Sahya mountain. He along with Lord Vishnu, Lord Shankar and all the gods went to the peak of that mountain carrying the yagya material. Sages like Maharishi Bhrigu etc. thought of giving initiation to him in Brahmamuhurta. After that Lord Vishnu called Brahmaji's wife Twara. She was coming very slowly. Meanwhile, Bhrigu ji asked Lord Vishnu - O Lord! You called Twara quickly, why didn't she come? Brahmamuhurta will pass.

On this, Lord Vishnu said - If Twara does not come here on time, then consider Gayatri as a woman and perform the initiation ceremony. Can't Gayatri be Brahmaji's wife in virtuous deeds?

Naradji said - Oh King! Lord Shankar also supported this statement of Lord Vishnu. Hearing this, Bhriguji started the initiation ceremony by making Gayatri sit on the right side of Brahmaji. At the time when the sages present started giving initiation to Gayatri, at the same time Twara also reached the Yagya Mandal.

Seeing Gayatri sitting on the right side of Lord Brahma, she became angry with jealousy and said - Where the unworshipped are worshiped and the worshiped are disrespected, there is bound to be famine, death and fear. This Gayatri has been seated in my place on the right side of Brahmaji, hence it will be an invisible flowing river. All you gods have placed him in my place without thinking, hence all of you will be inanimate rivers.

Naradji said to King Prithu - O king! Thus, after hearing the curse of Tvara, Gayatri became furious with anger and started biting her lips. Despite the refusal of the gods, she got up and cursed Tvara.
Gayatri said – Quickly! Just as Brahmaji is your husband, similarly he is my husband too. You have cursed in vain, so you too become a river, then there was panic among the gods.
All the gods prostrated themselves before Tvara and said - O Goddess! The curse you have given to all the gods like Brahma is not right because if we all become inanimate rivers then definitely these three worlds will not be able to survive. Since you have given this curse without thinking, you should take it back.

Twara said - O gods! This disturbance has arisen because you did not worship Ganesha at the beginning of the Yagya. This curse of mine can never go in vain, hence all of you will definitely become rivers by becoming rooted with your body parts. Both of us, our step-mothers, will also become rivers flowing in the west in our respective lineages.

Naradji said to King Prithu - O king! Hearing these words of Tvara, all the gods like Lord Vishnu, Shankar etc. became rivers from their respective parts. Rivers named Krishna were born from the part of Lord Vishnu, Veni from the part of Lord Shankar and Kakudamvati from the part of Brahmaji. All the gods turned their parts into inanimate objects and threw them there on Sahya mountain. Then the parts of those people started flowing in the form of separate rivers. Thousands of rivers flowing towards the west were born from the particles of the gods. Gayatri and Tvara, both west flowing rivers, started flowing together, both of them were named Savitri.

Brahmaji established Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar at the yagya place. Both the gods became famous by the name of Mahabal and Atibal. Hey king! Whoever hears or narrates this description of the origin of Krishna and Veni rivers will get the benefit of seeing and bathing in the rivers.

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