Kartik Month Story Chapter 31

Kartik Month Story Chapter 31, Kartik Month Story Chapter 31 in English

Lord Shri Krishna said - In ancient times, a Brahmin named Dhaneshwar lived in Avantipuri (Ujjain). He used to trade in juice, leather and blankets etc. He used to indulge in bad deeds like prostitution and drinking etc. Since he was busy in sin day and night, he used to roam from city to city doing business. One day, while roaming around in the business of buying and selling, he reached Mahishmatipuri which was established by King Mahish. The sin destroyer Narmada always graces there. Many people observing Kartik fast had come from many villages to take bath on the banks of that river. Dhaneshwar saw them all and he also stayed there for a month selling his goods.

He used to roam around on the banks of river Narmada selling his goods, seeing Brahmins engaged in bathing, chanting and worshiping and hearing the chanting of the names of Lord Vishnu from the mouth of Vaishnavas. He stayed there, touching them and talking to them. He also kept watching the Udyapan ritual and Jagran of Kartik fast. He also observed the fast on the full moon day that the devotees were feeding the brahmins and cows and also giving them dakshina etc. He also saw the lamp garland being lit daily to please Lord Shankar.

Lord Shiva had burnt all the three cities of the demon named Tripura on this date, hence the devotees of Lord Shiva celebrate the festival of lights on this date. The person who differentiates between me and Lord Shiva, all his activities become futile. In this way, when one month had passed while living on the banks of Narmada, one day suddenly he was bitten by a black snake. Dejected by this, he fell on the ground. Seeing his condition, the kind devotees there surrounded him from all sides and started sprinkling water mixed with basil leaves on his face. When he was about to die, the messengers of Yama came, tied him up, whipped him and took him to Yampuri.

Seeing him, Chitragupta said to Yamraj - From childhood till today, he has done only bad deeds and not even a trace of virtue is visible in his life. Even if I keep narrating to you for a whole year, the list of its sins will not end. He is a great sinner, hence he should be put in severe hell for one Kalpa. Hearing Chitragupta's words, Yamraj got angry and showed his fierce form like Kalnemi and ordered his followers and said - O ghost generals! Beat this wicked man with his fists and put him in Kumbhipaka hell.

The commanders broke his head with crowbars, took him to Kumbhipak hell and put him in a cauldron of boiling oil. As soon as the ghost commanders put him in the pan of oil, the pot there became cool, just like in the past, the fire lit by the demons had cooled down when Prahladji was put in it. Seeing this strange incident, the ghost went to Commander Yamraj and told him the whole story.

Hearing the whole thing, Yamraj was also surprised and started inquiring about this matter. At the same time Naradji came there and said to Yamraj – Suryanandan! This Brahmin is not worthy of consuming hell. The person who sees, touches and talks with people who perform virtuous deeds acquires one-sixth of their virtue. This Dhaneshwar has been in contact with innumerable people who were observing the Kartik fast of Shri Hari for a month. Therefore, he has become a partaker of the virtues of all of them. He has attained virtue unwillingly.

Therefore, he remains in the womb of Yaksha and becomes free from Yama's torture just by seeing all the hells as an offering for his sins.

Lord Shri Krishna said- Satyabhama! After saying this to Naradji and leaving, Yamraj, considering Dhaneshwar to be a virtuous soul, ordered the messengers to show him hell.

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