Onam 2022 Date, Onam 2022 Calendar, Thiruvonam Date

Onam 2022 Date, Thiruvonam Date

The festival honours the appearance of Vamana avatar of Vishnu and the home coming of the legendary King Mahabali. Onam celebrates the Asura King Mahabali's annual visit from Patala Lok, the lok that is considered to be under Earth. It is believed that Asura King Mahabali visits every Malayali home to meet people on Thiruvonam day. Onam celebrations start on Atham day (the day when Atham Nakshatra prevails) and continue for 10 days till Thiruvonam day. Atham Nakshatra is known as Hasta Nakshatra in other Hindu Calendars. The first day of Onam is popularly known as Atthachamayam day. Post Thiruvonam day, Onam celebrations continue for another two days which means Onam is a twelve days long festival.Onam state holidays start one day before and end after two days of main Thiruvonam day. The holidays are named first Onam, second Onam, third Onam and fourth Onam where the second Onam is the most important day of four days holidays.

Onam Festival Dates

Onam 2022 Date - 8th September, Thursday

Onam 2022 Calendar

Here you can find Onam 2022 Calendar:

Onam Day 1 30th August 2022Atthachamayam, Athapoo Pookalam
Onam Day 231st August 2022Chithira Day
Onam Day 31st September 2022Chodhi Day
Onam Day 42nd September 2022Vishakham Day
Onam Day 53rd September 2022Anizham Day, Vallam Kali
Onam Day 64th September 2022Thriketa Day
Onam Day 75th September 2022Moolam Day, Onam Sadya Puli Kali, Kaikotti Kali
Onam Day 86th September 2022Pooradam Day, Onathappan
Onam Day 97th September 2022Uthradom Day, First Onam Uthradappachil
Onam Day 108th September 2022Thiruvonam Day, Second Onam Thiru-Onam, Onam
Onam Day 119th September 2022Avvittom Day, Third Onam Thrissur Pulikali, Chatayam Day, Fourth Onam

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