Saptami Shradh 2023 Date

Saptami Shradh 2023 Date, Saptam Shradha    

What is Pitru Paksh Shradh?

Every year, devoted Hindus anxiously await the Pitru Paksha period, which lasts from Purnima to Amavasya during the month of Bhadrapada (August - September). It is said that during the Pitru Paksha time, the ancestors of the families go all the way from the Pitru Lok (ancestral world) to see their descendants on Earth. They await the offerings made by their ancestors in the shape of shradh and tarpan. They will be quite dissatisfied if this is not done. 
Failure to perform Shradh rites can have serious ramifications for families in specific instances. Pitru Paksha is an especially focused time period for doing shradh rituals since shradh ceremonies provide various advantages during this time. Hindus observe the Pitru Paksha to pay honor to ancestors and to pray for departed family members. This day, known as Pitru Pakhsa, is observed from the full moon day of Bhadrapad until the Ashwin month Amavasya. 

What is Saptami Shradha?

Saptami shradh is used to execute shradh rites for ancestors who died at the Saptami tithi, regardless of whether they died during the Krishna Paksha or the Shukla Paksha. Saptami shradh is observed on Saptami in Krishna Paksh of Ashwin month in North India and Bhadrapad month in Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Telugu calendars. If the yearly shradh rites were not performed on the exact month, paksha, and tithi in which the ancestor died, they can be compensated by conducting the shradh and tarpan on the relevant tithis during Pitru paksha. In fact, the shradh rites performed during the Pitru Paksha are said to be extremely beneficial. Donating yellow clothing on Saptami Shradha is regarded extremely fortunate. 
Shradh rites are most often performed at Kashi (Varanasi), Prayag, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Rameshwaram. According to Tamil traditions, the greatest venue to practice Saptami Shradh rites is Pitru Moksha Shiva Temple in Kuruvi Rameswaram near Thiruvarur.

Importance of Pitru Paksha shradh

Pitru Paksha Shraddhas are also known as Parvan Shraddhas (पार्वण श्राद्ध)  in popular parlance. Before the Aparahna Kala (Post Meridian) time, the suitable muhurats to execute the shradh rites are either Kutup Muhurt or Rohina Muhurt.
Tarpan (तर्पण) is completed at the conclusion of Shradh.

According to the Marandeya Purana scripture, shradha's forefathers grant health, riches, and happiness, and the one who fulfills all the rites is deemed to earn salvation.

Saptami shradh Rituals:

The individual doing the shraddhas must bathe and wear clean garments, particularly a dhoti and a holy thread.
The performer wears a durva grass ring.
The rites entail several alterations to the holy thread.
Pinda Daan is performed when pindas are offered to the ancestors.
On this day, Lord Vishnu and Yama are worshiped.
Cows, birds, dogs, and ants are fed.
On this day, brahmans are given dakshina and food, as well as some charity and contributions.
Family gatherings are used to create Bhagvata Purana and Bhagvad Gita recitals.

Saptami Shradh Ritual Timings

Saptami Shradh 2023 Date - Thursday, October 5, 2023

Saptami Shraadh Kutup (कुतुप) Muhurat - 11:46 AM to 12:33 PM
Duration - 00 Hours 47 Mins

Saptami Shradh Rohina (रौहिण) Muhurat - 12:33 PM to 01:20 PM
Duration - 00 Hours 47 Mins

Saptami Shradha Aparahna (अपराह्न) Kaal - 01:20 PM to 03:42 PM
Duration - 02 Hours 21 Mins

Saptami Tithi Begins - 05:41 AM on Oct 05, 2023
Saptami Tithi Ends - 06:34 AM on Oct 06, 2023

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